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      Tactics and concessions for argumentation-based negotiation 

      Hadidi, N.; Dimopoulos, Yannis; Moraïtis, Pavlos (2012)
      Argumentation-based negotiation has gained increasing prominence in the multi-agent field over the last years. There is currently a long literature on the use of argumentation in negotiation and especially the modeling of ...
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      Temporal planning through mixed integer programming: A preliminary report 

      Dimopoulos, Yannis; Gerevini, A. (2002)
      Temporal planning is an important problem, as in many real world planning domains actions have different durations and the goals should be achieved by a specified deadline, or as soon as possible. This paper presents a ...
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      Towards local search for answer sets 

      Dimopoulos, Yannis; Sideris, A. (2002)
      Answer set programming has emerged as a new important paradigm for declarative problem solving. It relies on algorithms that compute the stable models of a logic program, a problem that is, in the worst-case, intractable. ...
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      A unified and general framework for argumentation-based negotiation 

      Amgoud, L.; Dimopoulos, Yannis; Moraïtis, Pavlos (2007)
      This paper proposes a unified and general framework for argumentation-based negotiation, in which the role of argumentation is formally analyzed. The framework makes it possible to study the outcomes of an argumentation-based ...
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      μ-SATPLAN: Multi-agent planning as satisfiability 

      Dimopoulos, Yannis; Hashmi, M. A.; Moraïtis, Pavlos (2012)
      Planning is a fundamental issue in multi-agent systems. In this work we focus on the coordination of multiple agents in two different settings. In the first, agents are able to attain individual goals that are necessary ...