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      Fertility in female patients with thalassemia 

      Skordis, Nicos; Christou, Soteroula; Koliou, M.; Pavlidis, Nicholas; Angastiniotis, Michael (1998)
      With recent therapeutic advances, thalassemic patients can now reach adulthood and attain reproductive capacity. Endocrine complications due to hemosiderosis and especially hypogonatotropic hypogonadism, which present ...
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      How Life Would Be Without Thalassaemia: Patients' Perceptions 

      Loizou, Christina; Phellas, Constantinos; Beck, Stefan; Karekla, Maria; Talias, Michalis A.; Christou, Soteroula; Michaelidou, Natalia; Constantinou, Costas (2016)
      This article focuses on the experiences of patients with thalassaemia in Cyprus. Through a qualitative study of 10 patients and their spouses, this paper shows that thalassaemia is a restricting experience due to blood ...
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      Survival of medically treated thalassemia patients in Cyprus. Trends and risk factors over the period 1980-2004 

      Telfer, Paul; Coen, Pietro G.; Christou, Soteroula; Hadjigavriel, Michael; Kolnakou, Anita; Pangalou, Evangelia; Pavlidis, Nicholas; Psiloines, Michael; Simamonian, Krikor; Skordos, Georghios; Sitarou, Maria; Angastiniotis, Michael (2006)
      BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVES: A large number of patients with thalassemia major have been born and treated exclusively in Cyprus. They have been managed according to standard international practice, but few have been transplanted. ...