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      Context management and its applications to distributed transactions 

      Kshemkalyani, A. D.; Samaras, George S.; Citron, A. (1998)
      An emerging paradigm that handles multiple loci of control in a system allows multiple program threads to work on the same task, each thread to work on a different task, or a thread to work on multiple tasks for greater ...
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      Reconciling chained and unchained transactional support for distributed systems 

      Samaras, George S.; Citron, A.; Kshemkalyani, A. (1997)
      Distributed transactions require transaction processing support either from their communications protocols or from protocols at some higher layer. One of the earliest "industrial-strength" distributed transactional support ...
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      Two-phase commit optimizations in a commercial distributed environment 

      Samaras, George S.; Britton, K.; Citron, A.; Mohan, C. (1995)
      An atomic commit protocol can ensure that all participants in a distributed transaction reach consistent states, whether or not system or network failures occur. The atomic commit protocol used in industry and academia is ...