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      Opening a New Frontier in the Study of Neolithic Settlement Patterns of Eastern Thessaly, Greece 

      Sarris, Apostolos; Kalayci, Tuna; Simon, Francois-Xavier; Donati, Jamieson; Cuenca-García, Carmen; Manataki, Merope; Cantoro, Gianluca; Moffat, Ian; Kalogiropoulou, Evita; Karampatsou, Georgia; Armstrong, Kayt; Argyriou, Nasos; Déderix, Sylviane; Manzetti, Cristina; Nikas, Nikos; Vouzaxakis, Konstantinos; Rondiri, Vasso; Arachoviti, Polyxeni; Almatzi, Kalliopi; Stamelou, Evangelia (Berghahn Books, 2018)
      The Innovative Geophysical Approaches for the Study of Early Agricultural Villages of Neolithic Thessaly (ARISTEIA-IGEAN) Project made an extensive use of geospatial technologies in the study of the natural environment and ...
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      Visviki Magoula Revisited 

      Alram-Stern, Eva; Sarris, Apostolos; Vouzaxakis, Konstantinos; Almatzi, Kalliopi; Arachoviti, Polyxeni; Rondiri, Vasso; Efstathiou, Despina; Stamelou, Evangelia; Cuenca-García, Carmen; Kalayci, Tuna; Simon, Francois-Xavier; Cantoro, Gianluca; Donati, Jamieson; Manataki, Merope (Berghahn Books, 2018)
      This paper compares the results of the excavations at Visviki Magoula in southeastern Thessaly, which were carried through by the Reichsamt für Vorgeschichte under the direction of Hans Reinerth in 1941, with the geophysical ...