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      Foreign Direct Investment Determinants in OECD and Developing Countries 

      Economou, Fotini; Hassapis, Christis; Philippas, Nikolaos; Tsionas, Mike (2017)
      In this paper we examine the foreign direct investment (FDI) inflow determinants in 24 Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) and 22 developing (non-OECD) countries over 1980–2012, using the standard ...
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      Foreign direct investment inflows determinants in four South European economies 

      Economou, Fotini; Hassapis, Christis (2015)
      Foreign direct investment (FDI) has attracted research interest due to its impact on economic growth, especially during periods of crisis. This paper investigates FDI inflows in four highly distressed European economies ...
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      Investors’ fear and herding in the stock market 

      Economou, Fotini; Hassapis, Christis; Philippas, Nikolaos (2018)
      In this article, we examine herding in three developed stock markets testing for the impact of investors’ ‘fear’ on herding estimations. To this end, we employ daily data of all listed stocks from USA, UK and Germany from ...