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      Factors affecting the autologous mixed lymphocyte reaction in kidney transplantation 

      Fuller, L.; Flaa, C.; Jaffe, D.; Strauss, J.; Kyriakides, George K.; Miller, Jody C. (1983)
      In long-term well adapted kidney transplant recipients we have found a close correlation between the T helper (T(H)):T suppressor/cytotoxic (T(S/C)) subset ratios and the presence of T cells that respond in the autologous ...
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      Single-dose captopril scintigraphy in the diagnosis of renovascular hypertension 

      Sfakianakis, G. N.; Bourgoignie, J. J.; Jaffe, D.; Kyriakides, George K.; Perez-Stable, E.; Duncan, R. C. (1987)
      Renal scintigraphy with [(99m)Tc]diethylenetriaminepentaacetic acid (DTPA) and/or sodium-iodine-131-o-iodohippurate (HIP) was performed before and after an oral dose of captopril (50 mg) in 18 patients with renovascular ...