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      Factors influencing morbidity and mortality of renal transplantation in a high risk population 

      Miller, Jody C.; Kyriakides, George K.; Ma, K. W.; Masler, D.; Brown, D. C. (1975)
      A group of 37 patients with 39 renal transplants were studied in which 32 were considered at high risk by well defined cardiovascular, gastrointestinal, cerebral vascular or pulmonary disease or age categories. Three of ...
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      Proximal Radial Artery-Cephalic: Vein Fistula Hemodialysis 

      Toledo-Pereyra, L. H.; Kyriakides, George K.; Ma, K. W.; Miller, Jody C. (1977)
      We describe a technique of proximal radial artery-cephalic vein fistula for hemodialysis. This is a useful method in patients with previously failed fistulas in the distal forearm or in diabetics in whom there is occlusive ...