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      Hexanuclear zinc(II) carboxylate complexes from the use of pyridine-2,6-dimethanol: Synthetic, structural and photoluminescence studies 

      Katsoulakou, E.; Dermitzaki, Despina; Konidaris, K. F.; Moushi, Eleni E.; Raptopoulou, Catherine P.; Psycharis, Vassilis P.; Tasiopoulos, Anastasios J.; Bekiari, Vlasoula; Manessi-Zoupa, E.; Perlepes, Spyros P.; Stamatatos, Theocharis C. (2013)
      The employment of pyridine-2,6-dimethanol (pdmH2) in zinc(II) carboxylate chemistry is reported. The syntheses, crystal structures, and spectroscopic characterization are described for the structurally similar cluster ...
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      Metal ion-assisted transformations of 2-pyridinealdoxime and hexafluorophosphate 

      Konidaris, K. F.; Polyzou, C. D.; Kostakis, G. E.; Tasiopoulos, Anastasios J.; Roubeau, O.; Teat, S. J.; Manessi-Zoupa, E.; Powell, A. K.; Perlepes, Spyros P. (2012)
      Metal-ion mediated reactions of 2-pyridinealdoxime and hexafluorophosphate lead to Zn II complexes containing picolinic acid, picolinamide and monofluorophosphate (-2) as ligands. © 2012 The Royal Society of Chemistry.