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      On the metric graph model for flows in tubular nanostructures 

      Smolkina, M.O.; Popov, I.Y.; Blinova, I.V.; Milakis, Emmanouil (2019)
      A metric graph model is suggested for the Stokes flow concentrated in the vicinity of a network embedded in R3. As a basic problem, we consider the case corresponding to strong variation of the viscosity and density in a ...
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      On the regularity of the non-dynamic parabolic fractional obstacle problem 

      Athanasopoulos, Ioannis; Caffarelli, Luis; Milakis, Emmanouil (2018)
      In the class of the non-dynamic Fractional Obstacle Problems of parabolic type, it is shown existence, uniqueness, apriori bounds of the solution and optimal regularity of the space derivatives of the solution. Furthermore, ...
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      Parabolic Obstacle Problems. Quasi-convexity and Regularity 

      Athanasopoulos, Ioannis; Caffarelli, Luis; Milakis, Emmanouil (2019)
      In a wide class of the so called Obstacle Problems of parabolic type it is shown how to improve the optimal regularity of the solution and as a consequence how to obtain space-time regularity of the corresponding free boundary.
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      Regularity for Fully Nonlinear Parabolic Equations with Oblique Boundary Data 

      Chatzigeorgiou, Georgiana; Milakis, Emmanouil (2019)
      We obtain up to a flat boundary regularity results in parabolic Hölder spaces for viscosity solutions of fully nonlinear parabolic equations with oblique boundary conditions.