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      Arc-produced short-length multi-walled carbon nanotubes as “millstones” for the preparation of graphene-like nanoplatelets 

      Kostoglou, Nikolaos; Ryzhkov, Vladislav; Walters, Ian; Doumanidis, Charalabos; Rebholz, Claus; Mitterer, Christian (2019)
      Naturally short-length multi-walled Russian-doll-like carbon nanotubes derived by a catalyst-free arc-discharge method were used as nano-sized “cutters” to transform bulk graphitic sheets into thin/few-layered graphene-like ...
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      Electrodeposited Nanostructured CoFe2O4 for Overall Water Splitting and Supercapacitor Applications 

      Zhang, Chunyang; Bhoyate, Sanket; Zhao, Chen; Kahol, Pawan K.; Kostoglou, Nikolaos; Mitterer, Christian; Hinder, Steven J.; Baker, Mark A.; Constantinides, Georgios; Polychronopoulou, Kyriaki; Rebholz, Claus; Gupta, Ram K. (2019)
      To contribute to solving global energy problems, a multifunctional CoFe2O4 spinel was synthesized and used as a catalyst for overall water splitting and as an electrode material for supercapacitors. The ultra-fast one-step ...
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      Nanoporous spongy graphene: Potential applications for hydrogen adsorption and selective gas separation 

      Kostoglou, Nikolaos; Constantinides, G.; Charalambopoulou, Georgia; Steriotis, Theodore; Polychronopoulou, Kyriaki; Li, Yuanqing; Liao, Kin; Ryzhkov, Vladislav; Mitterer, Christian; Rebholz, Claus (2015)
      In the present work, a nanoporous (pore width 0.7nm) graphene-based sponge-like material with large surface area ( 350m2/g) was synthesized by wet chemical reduction of graphene oxide in combination with freeze-drying. ...
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      Nanostructured Fe-Ni Sulfide: A Multifunctional Material for Energy Generation and Storage 

      Zhao, Chen; Zhang, Chunyang; Bhoyate, Sanket; Kahol, Pawan K.; Kostoglou, Nikolaos; Mitterer, Christian; Hinder, Steve; Baker, Mark; Constantinides, Georgios; Polychronopoulou, Kyriaki; Rebholz, Claus; Gupta, Ram K. (2019)
      Multifunctional materials for energy conversion and storage could act as a key solution for growing energy needs. In this study, we synthesized nanoflower-shaped iron-nickel sulfide (FeNiS) over a nickel foam (NF) substrate ...
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      Needle grass array of nanostructured nickel cobalt sulfide electrode for clean energy generation 

      Zequine, Camila; Bhoyate, Sanket; Siam, Khamis; Kahol, Pawan K.; Kostoglou, Nikolaos; Mitterer, Christian; Hinder, Steven J.; Baker, Mark A.; Constantinides, Georgios; Rebholz, Claus; Gupta, Gautam; Li, Xianglin; Gupta, Ram K. (2018)
      Significant efforts have been focused on the search of earth-abundant elements to solve growing energy issues and to provide bifunctional behavior for both hydrogen and oxygen evolution reaction. Mixed transition metals ...
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      Novel combustion synthesis of carbon foam‑aluminum fluoride nanocomposite materials 

      Kostoglou, Nikolaos; Emre Gunduz, I.; Isik, Tugba; Ortalan, Volkan; Constantinides, Georgios; Kontos, Athanassios G.; Steriotis, Theodore; Ryzhkov, Vladislav; Bousser, Etienne; Matthews, Allan; Doumanidis, Charalabos; Mitterer, Christian; Rebholz, Claus (2018)
      The facile, rapid and bulk production of composite materials consisting of carbon nanostructures doped with metal-based compounds has been a significant challenge for various research areas where such types of materials ...
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      Plasma-Derived Graphene-Based Materials for Water Purification and Energy Storage 

      Natter, Nikolas; Kostoglou, Nikolaos; Koczwara, Christian; Tampaxis, Christos; Steriotis, Theodore; Gupta, Ram; Paris, Oskar; Rebholz, Claus; Mitterer, Christian (2019)
      Several crucial problems, such as rapid population growth and extended demands for food, water and fuels, could lead to a severe lack of clean water and an energy crisis in the coming decade. Therefore, low-cost and ...
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      Short communication: Few-layer graphene-like flakes derived by plasma treatment: A potential material for hydrogen adsorption and storage 

      Kostoglou, Nikolaos; Tarat, Afshin; Walters, Ian; Ryzhkov, Vladislav; Tampaxis, Christos; Charalambopoulou, Georgia; Steriotis, Theodore; Mitterer, Christian; Rebholz, Claus (2016)
      A novel, one-step, wet-free, environmental friendly and high-yield method for producing few-layer graphene powders with large surface areas (up to 800 m2/g) and narrow nanopore sizes (0.7–0.8 nm) using plasma-induced ...
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      Theory-guided metal-decoration of nanoporous carbon for hydrogen storage applications 

      Holec, David; Kostoglou, Nikolaos; Tampaxis, Christos; Babic, Biljana; Mitterer, Christian; Rebholz, Claus (2018)
      The current paper presents a combined ab initio and experimental study of H2 adsorption on carbon. Adsorption energetics of a H2 molecule on pristine graphene were obtained for various molecule orientations, showing that ...