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      Encoding planning problems in nonmonotonic logic programs 

      Dimopoulos, Yannis; Nebel, B.; Koehler, J. (1997)
      We present a framework for encoding planning problems in logic programs with negation as failure, having computational efficiency as our major consideration. In order to accomplish our goal, we bring together ideas from ...
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      Extending planning graphs to an ADL subset 

      Koehler, J.; Nebel, B.; Hoffmann, J.; Dimopoulos, Yannis (1997)
      We describe an extension of graphplan to a subset of ADL that allows conditional and universally quantified effects in operators in such a way that almost all interesting properties of the original graph-plan algorithm are ...
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      Ignoring irrelevant facts and operators in plan generation 

      Nebel, B.; Dimopoulos, Yannis; Koehler, J. (1997)
      It is traditional wisdom that one should start from the goals when generating a plan in order to focus the plan generation process on potentially relevant actions. The graphplan system, however, which is the most efficient ...
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      On the computational complexity of assumption-based argumentation for default reasoning 

      Dimopoulos, Yannis; Nebel, B.; Toni, F. (2002)
      Bondarenko et al. have recently proposed an abstract framework for default reasoning. Besides capturing most existing formalisms and proving that their standard semantics all coincide, the framework extends these formalisms ...
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      Preferred arguments are harder to compute than stable extensions 

      Dimopoulos, Yannis; Nebel, B.; Toni, F. (1999)
      Based on an abstract framework for nonmonotonic reasoning, Bondarenko et at. have extended the logic programming semantics of admissible and preferred arguments to other nonmonotonic formalisms such as circumscription, ...