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      AD-APT: Blurring the boundary between mobile advertising and user satisfaction 

      Pamboris, Andreas; Antoniou, George; Makris, Constantinos; Andreou, Panayiotis G.; Samaras, George S. (Association for Computing Machinery, Inc, 2016)
      The choice between two dominant monetization strategies for mobile apps, i.e. capitalising on revenue generated from either users or advertisers, is not a straightforward one. While users are initially attracted more to ...
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      ETC: Energy-driven tree construction in wireless sensor networks 

      Andreou, Panayiotis G.; Pamboris, Andreas; Zeinalipour-Yazdi, Constantinos D.; Chrysanthis, Panos K.; Samaras, George S. (2009)
      Continuous queries in Wireless Sensor Networks (WSNs) are founded on the premise of Query Routing Tree structures (denoted as T), which provide sensors with a path to the querying node. Predominant data acquisition systems ...
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      MULTI-WEAR: A multi-wearable platform for enhancing mobile experiences 

      Pamboris, Andreas; Andreou, Panayiotis; Herodotou, Herodotos; Samaras, George (2018)
      The uptake of wearable technology suggests that the time is ripe to explore new opportunities for improving mobile experiences. Apps, however, are not keeping up with the pace of technological advancement because wearables ...
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      Optimized query routing trees for wireless sensor networks 

      Andreou, Panayiotis G.; Zeinalipour-Yazdi, Constantinos D.; Pamboris, Andreas; Chrysanthis, Panos K.; Samaras, George S. (2011)
      In order to process continuous queries over Wireless Sensor Networks (WSNs), sensors are typically organized in a Query Routing Tree (denoted as T) that provides each sensor with a path over which query results can be ...
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      Towards a back-end framework for supporting affective avatar-based interaction systems 

      Andreou, Panayiotis G.; Georgiadis, Dimosthenis; Pamboris, Andreas; Christophorou, C.; Samaras, George S. (CEUR-WS, 2015)
      Avatar-based systems provide an intuitive way of interact-ing with users in the context of Ambient Abisted Living (AAL). These systems are typically supported by a diverse set of services for, e.g., social daily activities, ...
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      Towards enabling hyper-responsive mobile apps through network edge assistance 

      Báguena, M.; Samaras, George S.; Pamboris, Andreas; Sichitiu, M. L.; Pietzuch, P.; Manzoni, P. (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Inc., 2016)
      Poor Internet performance currently undermines the efficiency of hyper-responsive mobile apps such as augmented reality clients and online games, which require low-latency access to real-time backend services. While ...