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      CogniMouse: On detecting users' task completion difficulty through computer mouse interaction 

      Belk, Marios; Portugal, D.; Christodoulou, Eleni; Samaras, George S. (Association for Computing Machinery, 2015)
      This paper presents a method for analyzing users' computer mouse interaction data with the aim to implicitly identify task completion difficulty while interacting with a system. Computer mouse motion streams and users' ...
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      CogniWin – a virtual assistance system for older adults at work 

      Hanke, S.; Meinedo, H.; Portugal, D.; Belk, Marios; Quintas, J.; Christodoulou, Eleni; Sili, M.; Dias, M. S.; Samaras, George S. (2015)
      This paper presents an innovative virtual assistant system, which aims to address older adults’ needs in a professional environment by proposing promising and innovative virtual assistance mechanisms. The system, named ...
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      CogniWin: An integrated framework to support older adults at work 

      Portugal, D.; Dias, M. S.; Christodoulou, Eleni; Belk, Marios; Quintas, J.; Samaras, George S.; Hanke, S.; Müllner-Rieder, M.; Glauser, C.; Snene, M.; Konstantas, D. (CEUR-WS, 2016)
      Assisting older adults at work is of critical importance in nowadays fast-emerging computerized environments. Therefore, it is paramount to provide support to mitigate age-related cognitive degradation and to relieve their ...
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      A computer mouse for stress identification of older adults at work 

      Belk, Marios; Portugal, D.; Germanakos, Panagiotis; Quintas, J.; Christodoulou, Eleni; Samaras, George S. (CEUR-WS, 2016)
      Stress is an unpleasant condition that entails negative emotions such as fear, worry and nervousness. Motivated by existing research that accompanies stress with physical reactions like increased heart rate, blood volume, ...
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      Identification of an individual’s frustration in the work environment through a multi-sensor computer mouse 

      Portugal, D.; Belk, Marios; Quintas, J.; Christodoulou, Eleni; Samaras, George S. (2016)
      Older adults traditionally face major challenges at work when it comes to dealing with new technological tools. A sense of overwhelm and frustration can quickly arise under these circumstances. Continuous negative feelings ...
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      SocialRobot: An interactive mobile robot for elderly home care 

      Portugal, D.; Santos, L.; Alvito, P.; Dias, J.; Samaras, George S.; Christodoulou, Eleni (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Inc., 2016)
      SocialRobot is a collaborative European project, which focuses on providing a practical and interactive robotic solution to improve the quality of life of elderly people. Having this in mind, a state of the art mobile robot ...