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      The ASD Living Biology: from cell proliferation to clinical phenotype 

      Courchesne, Eric; Pramparo, Tiziano; Gazestani, Vahid H.; Lombardo, Michael V.; Pierce, Karen; Lewis, Nathan E. (2019)
      Autism spectrum disorder (ASD) has captured the attention of scientists, clinicians and the lay public because of its uncertain origins and striking and unexplained clinical heterogeneity. Here we review genetic, genomic, ...
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      Cell cycle networks link gene expression dysregulation, mutation, and brain maldevelopment in autistic toddlers 

      Pramparo, Tiziano; Lombardo,Michael V.; Campbell, Kathleen; Barnes, Cynthia Carter; Marinero, S.; Solso, S.; Young, Julia; Mayo, Maisi; Dale, Anders; Ahrens-Barbeau, Clelia; Murray, Sarah S.; Lopez, Linda; Lewis, Nathan E.; Pierce, Karen; Courchesne, Eric (2015)
      Genetic mechanisms underlying abnormal early neural development in toddlers with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) remain uncertain due to the impossibility of direct brain gene expression measurement during critical periods ...
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      Hierarchical cortical transcriptome disorganization in autism 

      Lombardo,Michael V.; Courchesne, Eric; Lewis, Nathan E.; Pramparo, Tiziano (2017)
      Background: Autism spectrum disorders (ASD) are etiologically heterogeneous and complex. Functional genomics work has begun to identify a diverse array of dysregulated transcriptomic programs (e.g., synaptic, immune, cell ...
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      Large-scale associations between the leukocyte transcriptome and BOLD responses to speech differ in autism early language outcome subtypes 

      Lombardo, Michael V.; Pramparo, Tiziano; Gazestani, Vahid; Warrier, Varun; Bethlehem, Richard A. I.; Carter Barnes, Cynthia; Lopez, Linda; Lewis, Nathan E.; Eyler, Lisa; Pierce, Karen; Courchesne, Eric (2018)
      Heterogeneity in early language development in autism spectrum disorder (ASD) is clinically important and may reflect neurobiologically distinct subtypes. Here, we identified a large-scale association between multiple ...
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      Maternal immune activation dysregulation of the fetal brain transcriptome and relevance to the pathophysiology of autism spectrum disorder 

      Lombardo,Michael V.; Moon, H. M.; Su, J.; Palmer, T. D.; Courchesne, Eric; Pramparo, Tiziano (2017)
      Maternal immune activation (MIA) via infection during pregnancy is known to increase risk for autism spectrum disorder (ASD). However, it is unclear how MIA disrupts fetal brain gene expression in ways that may explain ...
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      Prediction of autism by translation and immune/inflammation coexpressed genes in toddlers from pediatric community practices 

      Pramparo, Tiziano; Pierce, Karen; Lombardo,Michael V.; Barnes, Cynthia Carter; Marinero, S.; Ahrens-Barbeau, Clelia; Murray, Sarah S.; Lopez, Linda; Xu, R.; Courchesne, Eric (2015)
      Importance: The identification of genomic signatures that aid early identification of individuals at risk for autism spectrum disorder (ASD) in the toddler period remains a major challenge because of the genetic and ...
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      Sex-specific impact of prenatal androgens on social brain default mode subsystems 

      Lombardo, Michael V.; Auyeung, Bonnie; Pramparo, Tiziano; Courraud, Jérémie; Holt, Rosemary J.; Waldman, Jack; Ruigrok, Amber N. V.; Mooney, Natasha; Bethlehem, Richard A. I.; Lai, Meng-Chuan; Kundu, Prantik; Bullmore, Edward T.; Mandel, Jean-Louis; Piton, Amélie; Baron-Cohen, Simon; Quartier, Angélique (2018)
      Early-onset neurodevelopmental conditions (e.g., autism) affect males more frequently than females. Androgens may play a role in this male-bias by sex-differentially impacting early prenatal brain development, particularly ...