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      126 Quality of life in idiopathic dystonia: a systematic review 

      Girach, Ayesha; Aragon, Ana Vinagre; Zis, Panagiotis (2019)
      Objective Dystonia is characterised by sustained muscular contractions frequently producing repetitive and twisting movements. The primary aim of this systematic review was to establish how quality of life (QoL) is affected ...
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      Adverse events and nocebo phenomena: treatment or disease specific? 

      Zis, Panagiotis; Sykioti, Panagiota (2019)
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      Alcohol-induced autonomic dysfunction: a systematic review 

      Julian, Thomas Henry; Syeed, Rubiya; Glascow, Nicholas; Zis, Panagiotis (2020)
      Autonomic dysfunction is a known consequence of chronic and excessive alcohol consumption. The aim of this systematic review was to characterise this phenomenon, describe the frequency at which it occurs and to explore the ...
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      Alcohol-related peripheral neuropathy: a systematic review and meta-analysis 

      Julian, Thomas; Glascow, Nicholas; Syeed, Rubiya; Zis, Panagiotis (2019)
      The primary aim of this systematic review was to establish the prevalence, character, and risk factors of peripheral neuropathy amongst chronic alcohol abusers and to identify the most appropriate management strategies. ...
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      Anti-MAG associated cerebellar ataxia and response to rituximab 

      Zis, Panagiotis; Rao, Dasappaiah Ganesh; Hoggard, Nigel; Sarrigiannis, Ptolemaios Georgios; Hadjivassiliou, Marios (2018)
      BACKGROUND: Myelin-associated glycoprotein (MAG) is a glycoprotein specific to Schwann cells. Schwann cells produce myelin for nerve cells in the peripheral nervous system. MAG also plays a role in the central nervous ...
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      Anxiety and depression in patients with suspected carpal tunnel syndrome – A case controlled study 

      McCallum, Lucy Moira; Damms, Nicholas Anthony; Sarrigiannis, Ptolemaios Georgios; Zis, Panagiotis (2019)
      Purpose Carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS) is a common entrapment neuropathy causing significant, and often disabling, pain. We aimed to establish the prevalence of anxiety and depressive symptoms in patients who were referred ...
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      Axillary motor nerve conduction study: Description of technique and provision of normative data 

      Zis, Panagiotis; Hadjivassiliou, Marios; Rao, Dasappaiah Ganesh (2018)
      Background Axillary nerve lesions can commonly occur secondary to trauma or brachial plexopathy. Our aim was to describe our technique of axillary nerve motor conduction studies and provide the respective normal values. ...
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      Behavioral Therapy Approaches for the Management of Low Back Pain: An Up-To-Date Systematic Review 

      Vitoula, Kristallia; Venneri, Annalena; Varrassi, Giustino; Paladini, Antonella; Sykioti, Panagiota; Adewusi, Joy; Zis, Panagiotis (2018)
      Low back pain is one of the most common causes for seeking medical treatment and it is estimated that one in two people will experience low back pain at some point during their lifetimes. Management of low back pain includes ...
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      Chronic idiopathic axonal polyneuropathy: Prevalence of pain and impact on quality of life 

      Zis, Panagiotis; Sarrigiannis, Ptolemaios G.; Rao, Dasappaiah G.; Hewamadduma, Channa; Hadjivassiliou, Marios (2019)
      BACKGROUND AND AIM: Chronic idiopathic axonal polyneuropathy (CIAP) is a term describing axonal neuropathies of insidious onset, with slow or no progression of the disease over at least 6 months and with no etiology being ...
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      Clinical aspects and biomarkers of Alzheimer's disease in Down syndrome 

      Zis, Panagiotis; Strydom, Andre (2018)
      Alzheimer's disease (AD) may affect in excess of 90% of individuals with Down syndrome (DS) after age 60, due to duplication of the APP gene in trisomy of chromosome 21, with neuropathology that is comparable to Sporadic ...
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      The cortical focus in childhood absence epilepsy 

      Sarrigiannis, Ptolemaios G.; Zhao, Yifan; He, Fei; Billings, Stephen A.; Baster, Kathleen; Rittey, Chris; Yianni, John; Zis, Panagiotis; Wei, Hualiang; Hadjivassiliou, Marios; Grünewald, Richard (2018)
      OBJECTIVE: To determine the origin and dynamic characteristics of the generalised hyper-synchronous spike and wave (SW) discharges in childhood absence epilepsy (CAE). METHODS: We applied nonlinear methods, the error ...
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      A Dementia Classification Framework Using Frequency and Time-Frequency Features Based on EEG Signals 

      Durongbhan, Pholpat; Zhao, Yifan; Chen, Liangyu; Zis, Panagiotis; De Marco, Matteo; Unwin, Zoe C.; Venneri, Annalena; He, Xiongxiong; Li, Sheng; Zhao, Yitian; Blackburn, Daniel J.; Sarrigiannis, Ptolemaios G. (2019)
      Alzheimer's disease (AD) accounts for 60%-70% of all dementia cases, and clinical diagnosis at its early stage is extremely difficult. As several new drugs aiming to modify disease progression or alleviate symptoms are ...
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      Depression, anxiety and acute pain: links and management challenges 

      Michaelides, Athena; Zis, Panagiotis (2019)
      Pain is a subjective experience that is influenced by genetics, gender, social, cultural and personal parameters. Opposed to chronic pain, which by definition has to last for at least 3 months, acute pain is mostly because ...
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      Dietary Variations in a Multiethnic Parkinson's Disease Cohort and Possible Influences on Nonmotor Aspects: A Cross-Sectional Multicentre Study 

      Mischley, Laurie K.; Sauerbier, Anna; Schrag, Anette; Martinez-Martin, Pablo; Hall, Lynsey J.; Parry, Miriam; Zis, Panagiotis; Chaudhuri, K. Ray (2018)
      Dietary habits may differ between Parkinson's disease (PD) patients of different ethnicities. The primary aim of this cross-sectional analysis was to compare dietary habits in a multiethnic PD population and investigate ...
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      Electrophysiological determinants of the clinical severity of axonal peripheral neuropathy 

      Zis, Panagiotis; Hadjivassiliou, Marios; Rao, Dasappaiah Ganesh; Sarrigiannis, Ptolemaios Georgios (2019)
      INTRODUCTION: Electrophysiological diagnosis of axonal peripheral neuropathy (PN) is based on the attenuated amplitudes of nerve conduction studies (NCS), or a reduced sural/radial amplitude ratio (SRAR). We aimed to ...
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      Gluten neuropathy: prevalence of neuropathic pain and the role of gluten-free diet 

      Zis, Panagiotis; Sarrigiannis, Ptolemaios Georgios; Rao, Dasappaiah Ganesh; Hadjivassiliou, Marios (2018)
      Peripheral neuropathy is a common extraintestinal manifestation of gluten sensitivity (gluten neuropathy). We aimed to establish the prevalence of neuropathic pain in patients with otherwise idiopathic PN and gluten ...
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      Gluten Neuropathy: Prevalence of Pain and the Role of Gluten-Free Diet. (P2.091) 

      Zis, Panagiotis; Rao, Dasappaiah Ganesh; Sarrigiannis, Ptolemaios Georgios; Hadjivassiliou, Marios (2018)
      Objective: To establish the prevalence of pain in patients with gluten neuropathy (GN) and to describe any contributory factors.Background: Gluten neuropathy is the second commonest neurological manifestation of gluten ...
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      Gluten sensitivity and epilepsy: a systematic review 

      Julian, Thomas; Hadjivassiliou, Marios; Zis, Panagiotis (2019)
      The aim of this systematic review was to establish the prevalence of epilepsy in patients with coeliac disease (CD) or gluten sensitivity (GS) and vice versa and to characterise the phenomenology of the epileptic syndromes ...
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      Headache Associated with Coeliac Disease: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis 

      Zis, Panagiotis; Julian, Thomas; Hadjivassiliou, Marios (2018)
      OBJECTIVE: The aim of this systematic review was to explore the relationship between coeliac disease (CD) and headache. The objectives were to establish the prevalence of each entity amongst the other, to explore the role ...
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      Imaging of Nonlinear and Dynamic Functional Brain Connectivity Based on EEG Recordings With the Application on the Diagnosis of Alzheimer’s Disease 

      Zhao, Yifan; Zhao, Yitian; Durongbhan, Pholpat; Chen, Liangyu; Liu, Jiang; Billings, S. A.; Zis, Panagiotis; Unwin, Zoe C.; De Marco, Matteo; Venneri, Annalena; Blackburn, Daniel J.; Sarrigiannis, Ptolemaios G. (2020)
      Since age is the most significant risk factor for the development of Alzheimer’s disease (AD), it is important to understand the effect of normal ageing on brain network characteristics before we can accurately diagnose ...