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      Extending argumentation to make good decisions 

      Dimopoulos, Yannis; Moraïtis, Pavlos; Amgoud, L. (2009)
      Argumentation has been acknowledged as a powerful mechanism for automated decision making. In this context several recent works have studied the problem of accommodating preference information in argumentation. The majority ...
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      On the semantics of abstract argumentation 

      Kakas, Antonis C.; Mancarella, P. (2013)
      Arguments need to be judged against other arguments. The decision to accept or reject an argument is generally a global decision that involves examining the same question for other arguments that oppose or can defend the ...
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      Some theoretical results on the relationship between argumentation and coherence theory 

      Dimopoulos, Yannis; Moraïtis, Pavlos; Sierra, C. (2017)
      This work provides initial results on the relationship between argumentation and Paul Thagard’s coherence theory. We study the relationship, via appropriate transformations, between different types of coherent graphs ...