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      Adaptive control for a class of large scale non-linear systems 

      Xu, H.; Ioannou, Petros A.; Mirmirani, M. D. (2005)
      The design of stabilizing controllers for multi-input multi-output (MIMO) non-linear plants with unknown non-linearities is a challenging problem. The inability to identify the non-linearities on-line or off-line accurately ...
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      Adaptive feedback algorithm for internet video streaming based on fuzzy rate control 

      Antoniou, Pavlos Ch.; Pitsillides, Andreas; Vassiliou, Vasos (2007)
      It is beyond any doubt that the unpredictable nature of the today's Internet has tremendous impact on the transmission of video streams. With respect to the real-time nature of video streaming, unpredictable band-width, ...
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      Adaptive noise canceling and edge detection in images using PVM on a NOW 

      Mylonas, S. A.; Trancoso, Pedro; Trimikliniotis, Michael (IEEE, 2000)
      A method for the processing of digital images using a two-dimensional LMS adaptive filter for noise reduction and subsequent edge detection is presented. This was implemented on a Parallel Virtual Machine (PVM) consisting ...
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      Adaptive packet scheduling over a wireless channel under constrained jamming 

      Fernández Anta, Antonio; Georgiou, Chryssis; Kowalski, D. R.; Zavou, Elli (2017)
      In this work we consider the communication over a wireless link, between a sender and a receiver, being disrupted by a jammer. The objective of the sender is to transmit as much data as possible to the receiver in the most ...
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      Adaptive scheduling over a wireless channel under constrained jamming 

      Fernández Anta, Antonio; Georgiou, Chryssis; Zavou, Elli (2015)
      We consider a wireless channel between a single pair of stations (sender and receiver) that is being “watched” and disrupted by a malicious, adversarial jammer. The sender’s objective is to transmit as much useful data as ...
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      Adaptive sliding mode control of a hypersonic flight vehicle 

      Xu, H.; Leung, P.; Mirmirani, M.; Boussalis, Helen R.; Ioannou, Petros A. (2001)
      A Multi Input Multi Output (MIMO) adaptive sliding controller is designed and analyzed for the longitudinal dynamics of a generic hypersonic air vehicle. This vehicle model is highly nonlinear, multivariable, unstable and ...
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      ADIVIS: A novel adaptive algorithm for video streaming over the internet 

      Antoniou, Pavlos Ch.; Vassiliou, Vasos; Pitsillides, Andreas (2007)
      The transfer of information over the wireless networks is emerging as a promising business model. In addition, new applications require the transfer of video content in real time. However, the unpredictable nature of ...
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      Dynamical neural networks that ensure exponential identification error convergence 

      Kosmatopoulos, E. B.; Christodoulou, Manolis A.; Ioannou, Petros A. (1997)
      Classical adaptive and robust adaptive schemes, are unable to ensure convergence of the identification error to zero, in the case of modeling errors. Therefore, the usage of such schemes to 'black-box' identification of ...
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      An indirect adaptive control design with anti-windup compensation: Stability analysis 

      Kahveci, N. E.; Ioannou, Petros A. (2007)
      We combine an adaptive law with a control design including a Linear Quadratic (LQ) controller and a Linear Matrix Inequality (LMI) based anti-windup compensator using the certainty equivalence principle for asymptotically ...
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      Mobile station position and velocity computerbased Estimation using adaptive algorithms and Smart antennas 

      Papadimitriou, D.; Vardiambasis, I. O.; Melesanaki, T.; Vardiambasis, K. (University of Cyprus, 2007)
      The increasing demand for mobile communication services without a corresponding increase in radio frequency spectrum allocation motivates the need for new techniques to improve spectrum utilization. An approach that shows ...
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      On the complexity of asynchronous gossip 

      Georgiou, Chryssis; Gilbert, S.; Guerraoui, R.; Kowalski, D. R. (2008)
      In this paper, we study the complexity of gossip in an asynchronous, message-passing fault-prone distributed system. In short, we show that an adaptive adversary can significantly hamper the spreading of a rumor, while an ...
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      Robust adaptive control for a class of mimo nonlinear systems 

      Xu, H.; Ioannou, Petros A. (2002)
      The design of stabilizing controllers for nonlinear plants with unknown nonlinearities is a challenging problem. The inability to identify the nonlinearities on-line or off-line accurately motivates the design of stabilizing ...
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      Robust adaptive fault-tolerant control with trajectory optimization 

      Ying, H.; Ioannou, Petros A.; Mirmirani, M. (2007)
      This paper proposed an adaptive fault-tolerant flight control scheme where the trajectory optimization is combined with the certainty equivalence principle to achieve the optimal path with occurrence of failures. The ...
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      Robust adaptive sliding control of linearizable systems 

      Xu, H.; Mirmirani, M.; Ioannou, Petros A.; Boussalis, Helen R. (2001)
      A switching adaptive control algorithm based on a sliding mode method is proposed for a class of single-input, single-output nonlinear systems with unknown dynamics. The plant is assumed to be linear-in-the-control input ...
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      Towards self-managing QoS-enabled peer-to-peer systems 

      Kalogeraki, Vana; Chen, F.; Repantis, Thomas; Zeinalipour-Yazdi, Constantinos D. (2005)
      Peer-to-peer systems that dynamically interact, collaborate and share resources are increasingly being deployed in wide-area environments. The inherent ad-hoc nature of these systems makes it difficult to meet the Quality ...