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      Indoor and outdoor in situ high-resolution gamma radiation measurements in urban areas of Cyprus 

      Svoukis, E.; Tsertos, Haralambos (2007)
      In situ, high-resolution, gamma-ray spectrometry of a total number of 70 outdoor and 20 indoor representative measurements were performed in preselected, common locations of the main urban areas of Cyprus. Specific activities ...
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      Indoor radon (222Rn) concentration measurements in Cyprus using high-sensitivity portable detectors 

      Anastasiou, Tassos; Tsertos, Haralambos; Christofides, Stelios; Christodoulides, George D. (2003)
      Using high-sensitivity radon (222Rn) portable detectors (passive electronic devices of the type RADIM3), the airborne 222Rn concentration in the interior of various Cypriot buildings and dwellings was measured. For each ...
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      Radon levels in Cyprus 

      Sarrou, I.; Pashalidis, Ioannis (2003)
      Radon levels in atmospheric and aquatic systems in Cyprus have recently been measured using the radon monitor Alpha Guard. Indoor and outdoor radon levels were obtained in situ, whereas analysis of radon concentrations in ...