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      Mechanics Science-Enabled Nanoheater Multi-Layer Materials Manufactured by Ball Milling 

      Farzanah, K. H. H.; Hassan, M. O. M.; Muhairi, R. A. S. Al; Rebholz, Claus; Gunduz, I. E.; Doumanidis, C. C. (Materials Research Society, 2017)
      This article reports investigation of the effects of high-rate stochastic micro-mechanics on the produced particulate size distribution during ball milling of reactive bimetallic foils (nanoheaters), by experimental and ...
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      Parameter estimation for semi-solid aluminum alloys using transient experiments 

      Alexandrou, Andreas N.; Georgiou, G.; Tonmukayakul, N.; Apelian, D. (2006)
      A rotating vane-cup rheometer is used to determine the rheological properties of semi-solid slurries, and a procedure is established for characterizing the rheology with emphasis given to the proper and self-consistent ...
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      Thermo-fluid modeling of direct chill casting of metal alloys using an inverse finite element method 

      Alexandrou, Andreas N.; Battisti, T. (Publ by Computational Mechanics Inc, 1992)
      Direct chill (DC) casting is used extensively in the production of wrought nonferrous metals and alloys, particularly in the aluminum industry. For alloys, a semi-solid region known as the “mushy zone” and defined by the ...
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      Transient flow characteristics and properties of semi-solid aluminum alloy A356 

      Tonmukayakul, N.; Pan, Q. Y.; Alexandrou, Andreas N.; Apelian, D. (Affiliation: Advance Casting Research Center, Metal Processing Institute, WPI, Worcester, MA 01609, United StatesAffiliation: Department of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering, University of Cyprus, P.O. Box 20537, 1678 Nicosia, CyprusCorrespondence Address: Tonmukayakul, N.Advance Casting Research Center, Metal Processing Institute, WPI, Worcester, MA 01609, United States, 2004)
      Development of numerical models to simulate flow characteristics of semi-solid metals in the die cavity requires a good understanding of the transient and equilibrium flow properties of semi-solids and knowledge of the ...
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      Yield behavior of commercial Al-Si alloys in the semisolid state 

      Pan, Q. Y.; Apelian, D.; Alexandrou, Andreas N. (2004)
      Systematic experimental work and modeling efforts have been conducted to characterize the yield behavior of commercial aluminum alloys in the semisolid state. In this study, extensive compression experiments were performed ...