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      Cover-ability: Consistent versioning in asynchronous, fail-prone, message-passing environments 

      Nicolaou, Nicolas C.; Fernández Anta, Antonio; Georgiou, Chryssis (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Inc., 2016)
      An object type characterizes the domain space and the operations that can be invoked on an object of that type. In this paper we introduce a new property for concurrent objects, we call coverability, that aims to provide ...
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      On the efficiency of atomic multi-reader, multi-writer distributed memory 

      Englert, B.; Georgiou, Chryssis; Musiał, Peter M.; Nicolaou, Nicolas C.; Shvartsman, A. A. (2009)
      This paper considers quorum-replicated, multi-writer, multi-reader (MWMR) implementations of survivable atomic registers in a distributed message-passing system with processors prone to failures. Previous implementations ...
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      On the practicality of atomic MWMR register implementations 

      Nicolaou, Nicolas C.; Georgiou, Chryssis (2012)
      In this work we conduct an experimental performance evaluation of four MWMR atomic register implementations: SFW from [8], APRX-SFW and CWFR from [11], and SIMPLE (the generalization of [5] in the MWMR environment). We ...
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      Towards feasible implementations of low-latency multi-writer atomic registers 

      Georgiou, Chryssis; Nicolaou, Nicolas C.; Russell, A. C.; Shvartsman, A. A. (2011)
      This work explores implementations of multi-writer/multi-reader (MWMR) atomic registers in asynchronous, crash-prone, message-passing systems with the focus on low latency and computational feasibility. The efficiency of ...