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      Decision-making preferences and information needs among Greek breast cancer patients 

      Almyroudi, A.; Degner, L. F.; Paika, V.; Pavlidis, Nicholas; Hyphantis, T. (2011)
      Objectives: We aimed at assessing Greek breast cancer patients' preferences for participation in treatment decision making and their information needs. Methods: In a cross-sectional study, 329 breast cancer patients were ...
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      Developmental Differentiation and Binding of Mental Processes with g through the Life-Span 

      Demetriou, Andreas P.; Spanoudis,George C.; Kazi, Smaragda; Mouyi, Antigoni; Mislav Stjepan Žebec; Kazali, Elena; Golino, Hudson; Bakracevic, Karin; Shayer, Michael (MDPI AG, 2017)
      Integration/differentiation of mental processes is major mechanism of development. Developmental theories ascribe intellectual development to it. In psychometric theory, Spearman’s law of diminishing returns postulates ...
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      Effects of self-focused attention on recognizing previously presented self-relevant and irrelevant stimuli 

      Panayiotou, Georgia; Vrana, Scott R. (Hellenic Psychological Society, 2007)
      Self-focused attention elevates individuals’ awareness of the self as an object and directs attentional resources toward it. It facilitates the performance of well learned tasks or the recall of information pertaining to ...
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      Embedding cognizance in intellectual development 

      Spanoudis,George C.; Demetriou, Andreas P.; Kazi, Smaragda; Giorgala, K.; Zenonos, V. (2015)
      This study examined whether cognizance of cognitive processes (i.e., awareness of the perceptual and inferential origins of knowledge) mediates between basic processing efficiency functions (i.e., processing speed, attention ...
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      ESMO/ASCO recommendations for a Global Curriculum (GC) in medical oncology-edition 2016 

      Dittrich, C.; Kosty, M.; Jezdic, S.; Pyle, D.; Berardi, Rossana; Bergh, Jonas; Saghir, Nagi El; Lotz, J. P.; Österlund, Pia; Pavlidis, Nicholas; Purkalne, Gunta (2016)
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      Formalizing Happiness 

      Xefteris, Dimitrios (2012)
      The level of happiness of an individual who accepts the consequences of authoritative policy decisions is a clearly different concept from the utility that is delivered to the same individual by these policies and it depends ...
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      Integrating Acceptance and Mindfulness with Cognitive Behavioral Treatment for Panic Disorder 

      Levitt, Jill T.; Karekla, Maria (Springer Science + Business Media, 2005)
      It is generally recognized that panic disorder causes functional impairment in those who suffer from it. The diagnosis of panic disorder is related to numerous costs both to the individual and to society at large, such as ...
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      Olympism in tertiary education - New challenges & opportunities 

      Hadjistephanou, Clea; Pigozzi, Fabio; McNamee, Mike (2012)
      Olympism, though a timeless ideal, was given shape in the late 19th century, by Baron Pierre de Coubertin and retains its sense of relevance in the 21st century, not least in the form of educational syllabi. This paper ...