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      Effect of sintering in ball-milled K 2Bi 8Se 13 thermoelectric nano-composites 

      Hatzikraniotis, E.; Ioannou, M.; Chrissafis, K.; Chung, D. Y.; Paraskevopoulos, K. M.; Kyratsi, Theodora (2012)
      K 2Bi 8Se 13 has many attractive features for thermoelectric applications. Recently, K 2Bi 8Se 13-based nanocomposite materials, consisting of nano-crystalline, micro-crystalline and amorphous phases, have been fabricated ...
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      Enhancing the rate of ex situ mineral carbonation in dunites via ball milling 

      Rigopoulos, I.; Vasiliades, M. A.; Ioannou, I.; Efstathiou, A. M.; Godelitsas, A.; Kyratsi, Theodora (2016)
      The investigation of potential options for CO2 sequestration is of vital importance for alleviating the ongoing climate problem. This paper presents an efficient method for enhancing the ex situ carbonation of dunites. The ...
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      Fabrication, characterization and applications of novel nanoheater structures 

      Gu, Z.; Cui, Q.; Chen, J.; Buckley, J.; Ando, T.; Erdeniz, D.; Wong, P.; Hadjiafxenti, A.; Epaminonda, P.; Gunduz, I. E.; Rebholz, Claus; Doumanidis, C. C. (2013)
      Nanoheaters are reactive nanostructures that can generate localized heat through controlled ignition. Besides the widely used nanofoil structure with multiple alternative Al-Ni layers, various new nanostructures have been ...
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      Structural features of ball-milled nanostructured K2Bi 8Se13 thermoelectric material 

      Lioutas, C. B.; Hatzikraniotis, E.; Ioannou, M.; Paraskevopoulos, K. M.; Kyratsi, Theodora (2011)
      In this work, K2Bi8Se13 material was ball-milled in order to develop nanostructures through the modification of structural features. Structural changes during ball-milling were followed by powder X-ray diffraction measurements, ...