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      The performance of corroded lap splices in reinforced concrete beams 

      Pantazopoulou, Stavroula J.; Petrou, Michael F.; Spastri, V.; Archontas, N.; Christofides, C. (2017)
      This article presents the results of an extensive experimental program containing 22 beams with tension lap splices in the central region. The beams were preconditioned under simulated corrosion up to specific levels of ...
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      Structural modification. Part 1: Rotational receptances 

      Mottershead, J. E.; Kyprianou, Andreas; Ouyang, H. (2005)
      The inverse problem of assigning natural frequencies and antiresonances by a modification to the stiffness, mass and damping of a structure is addressed. Very simple modifications such as the addition of masses and grounded ...
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      Structural modification. Part 2: Assignment of natural frequencies and antiresonances by an added beam 

      Kyprianou, Andreas; Mottershead, J. E.; Ouyang, H. (2005)
      In this paper the inverse structural modification problem is solved in order to determine the dimensions of the cross-section of a beam that when added to an original structure will assign natural frequencies or antiresonances ...