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      Analysis of elderly users’ preferences and expectations on service robot’s personality, appearance and interaction 

      Kleanthous, Styliani; Christophorou, C.; Tsiourti, C.; Dantas, C.; Wintjens, R.; Samaras, George S.; Christodoulou, Eleni (2016)
      Fortunately, improvements in welfare and medical care will allow life expectancy in Europe’s population to increase by the year 2050. However, it is not always the case that living longer implies a healthier, more active ...
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      Capturing essential intrinsic user behaviour values for the design of comprehensive web-based personalized environments 

      Germanakos, Panagiotis; Tsianos, Nikos; Lekkas, Zacharias; Mourlas, Constantinos; Samaras, George S. (2008)
      Advances in Web-based oriented technologies and services are taking place with a considerable speed around the world. As communications and IT usage become an integral part of many people's lives and the available products ...
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      Computational modeling of visual selective attention based on correlation and synchronization of neural activity 

      Neokleous,Kleanthis C.; Avraamides, Marios N.; Schizas, Christos N. (2009)
      Within the broad area of computational intelligence, it is of great importance to develop new computational models of human behaviour aspects. In this report we look into the recently suggested theory that neural synchronization ...
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      Crafting the mind of prosocs agents 

      Bracciali, A.; Endriss, U.; Demetriou, Neophytos; Kakas, Antonis C.; Lu, W.; Stathis, Kostas (2006)
      PROSOCS agents are software agents that are built according to the KGP model of agency. KGP is used as a model for the mind of the agent, so that the agent can act autonomously using a collection of logic theories, providing ...
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      Crowd self-organization, streaming and short path smoothing 

      Soteris, Stylianou; Chrysanthou, Yiorgos L. (2006)
      Pedestrians implicitly cooperate by forming lanes inside dense crowd in order to facilitate flow and prevent complete passage blocking. Our aim is to re-enforce this self-organization phenomenon in dense crowd for the ...
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      Data-driven user profiling to support web adaptation through cognitive styles and navigation behavior 

      Germanakos, Panagiotis; Papatheocharous, Efi; Belk, Marios; Samaras, George S. (2012)
      This paper aims to analyze human navigation behavior and identify similarities of cognitive styles using measures obtained from psychometric tests. Specific navigation metrics are utilized to find identifiable groups of ...
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      Detecting personality traces in users’ social activity 

      Kleanthous, Styliani; Herodotou, C.; Samaras, George S.; Germanakos, Panagiotis (2016)
      The effect that social media have in our lives nowadays is apparent. Many studies focused on how the differences we hold as people due to our personality, reflect our activities online. In this work we aim to exploit reports ...
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      Emotion Analysis and Classification: Understanding the Performers' Emotions Using the LMA Entities 

      Aristidou, Andreas; Charalambous, Panayiotis; Chrysanthou, Yiorgos L. (2015)
      The increasing availability of large motion databases, in addition to advancements in motion synthesis, has made motion indexing and classification essential for better motion composition. However, in order to achieve good ...
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      Enhancing virtual reality systems with smart wearable devices 

      Alshaal, S. E.; Michael, S.; Pamporis, A.; Herodotou, H.; Samaras, George S.; Andreou, Panayiotis G. (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Inc., 2016)
      The proliferation of wearable and smartphone devices with embedded sensors has enabled researchers and engineers to study and understand user behavior at an extremely high fidelity, particularly for use in industries such ...
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      Flexible work arrangements and intentions of unemployed women: Towards a model development 

      Stavrou-Costea, Eleni; Ierodiakonou, Christiana (Affiliation: University of Cyprus, P.O. Box 20537, CY-1678 Nicosia, CyprusCorrespondence Address: Stavrou, E.University of Cyprus, P.O. Box 20537, CY-1678 Nicosia, Cyprusemail: eleni1@ucy.ac.cy, 2008)
      This study extends research on women and employment by exploring the perceptions, attitudes, and intentions of unemployed women towards flexible work arrangements (FWAs). We focus on unemployed women in the far south-eastern ...
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      Implementation intention and planning interventions in Health Psychology: Recommendations from the Synergy Expert Group for research and practice 

      Hagger, Martin S.; Luszczynska, Aleksandra; de Wit, John; Benyamini, Yael; Burkert, Silke; Chamberland, Pier-Eric; Chater, A.; Dombrowski, Stephan U.; van Dongen, Anne; French, David P.; Gauchet, Aurelie; Hankonen, Nelli; Karekla, Maria; Kinney, Anita Y.; Kwasnicka, Dominika; Hing Lo, Siu; López-Roig, Sofía; Meslot, C.; Marques, Marta Moreira; Neter, Efrat; Plass, A. M.; Potthoff, S.; Rennie, L.; Scholz, U.; Stadler, G.; Stolte, E.; Ten Hoor, G.; Verhoeven, A.; Wagner, M.; Oettingen, G.; Sheeran, P.; Gollwitzer, P. M. (2016)
      The current article details a position statement and recommendations for future research and practice on planning and implementation intentions in health contexts endorsed by the Synergy Expert Group. The group comprised ...
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      Interaction with virtual crowd in Immersive and semi-Immersive Virtual Reality systems 

      Kyriakou, M.; Pan, X.; Chrysanthou, Yiorgos L. (2016)
      This study examines attributes of virtual human behavior that may increase the plausibility of a simulated crowd and affect the user's experience in Virtual Reality. Purpose-developed experiments in both Immersive and ...
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      New model for variable speed limits 

      Wang, Y.; Ioannou, Petros A. (2011)
      Traffic flow models play an irreplaceable role in the design and evaluation of variable speed limit (VSL) controllers. All existing models for incorporating VSL effects are based on modifications of the steady-state ...
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      A novel 3-d model for node and system trust 

      Hadjichristofi, G. C.; Kappos, G.; Hadjicostis, Christoforos N. (2011)
      Nowadays, there is an increasing demand for wireless and mobile networks that guarantee secure and reliable data communication among users. To enable data exchanges, authentication mechanisms need to be in place to dynamically ...
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      The PAG crowd: A graph based approach for efficient data-driven crowd simulation 

      Charalambous, Panayiotis; Chrysanthou, Yiorgos L. (2014)
      We present a data-driven method for the real-time synthesis of believable steering behaviours for virtual crowds. The proposed method interlinks the input examples into a structure we call the perception-action graph (PAG) ...
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      The role of foreign customer influences in building relationships with US exporting SMEs 

      Leonidou, Leonidas C.; Katsikeas, Constantine S. (2003)
      Despite the growing importance of relationship management in both academic and practitioner circles, little attention has been focused on the dynamics of international business relationships. This article examines the ...
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      Web robot detection: A probabilistic reasoning approach 

      Stassopoulou, Athena; Dikaiakos, Marios D. (2009)
      In this paper, we introduce a probabilistic modeling approach for addressing the problem of Web robot detection from Web-server access logs. More specifically, we construct a Bayesian network that classifies automatically ...