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      Bone pain in thalassaemia: assessment of DEXA and MRI findings 

      Angastiniotis, Michael; Pavlidis, Nicholas; Aristidou, K.; Kanakas, A.; Yerakaris, M.; Eracleous, E.; Posporis, T. (1998)
      An increasing number of adult thalassaemics have been complaining of aches and pains of varying degrees of severity. In a minority the pains are debilitating and there is stiffness in movement. This study is an attempt to ...
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      Fertility in female patients with thalassemia 

      Skordis, Nicos; Christou, Soteroula; Koliou, M.; Pavlidis, Nicholas; Angastiniotis, Michael (1998)
      With recent therapeutic advances, thalassemic patients can now reach adulthood and attain reproductive capacity. Endocrine complications due to hemosiderosis and especially hypogonatotropic hypogonadism, which present ...
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      Hydroxyurea therapy in thalassemia 

      Loukopoulos, D.; Voskaridou, E.; Stamoulakatou, A.; Papassotiriou, Y.; Kalotychou, V.; Loutradi, A.; Cozma, G.; Tsiarta, H.; Pavlidis, Nicholas (1998)
      The clinical effectiveness of Hydroxyurea in thalassemia is still controversial. The present paper puts together the authors' experience in two groups of patients with thalassemia intermedia and sickle cell/beta-thalassemia ...
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      The impact of iron overload and genotype on gonadal function in women with thalassaemia major 

      Skordis, Nicos; Gourni, Maritsa; Kanaris, Constantinos; Toumba, Meropi; Kleanthous, Marina; Karatzia, Ntina; Pavlidis, Nicholas; Angastiniotis, Michael (2004)
      OBJECTIVE: The purpose of this study is to evaluate the impact of chronic iron overload and genotype on gonadal function in women with thalassaemia major.
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      Transfusional transmitted viruses in pregnancy 

      Eleftheriou, Adonis; Kalakoutis, G.; Pavlidis, Nicholas (1998)
      Blood has long been recognized as a vehicle for transmission of infectious organisms and as molecular laboratory technology has advanced, a seemingly endless array of infectious agents has occasionally been documented to ...
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      Ultrastructural pathology of the heart in patients with beta-thalassaemia major 

      Kyriacou, Kyriacos; Michaelides, Y.; Senkus, R.; Simamonian, Krikor; Pavlidis, Nicholas; Antoniades, L.; Zambartas, C. (2000)
      Patients with beta-thalassaemia major frequently suffer from hypersiderosis which leads to hemochromatosis of major organs such as the heart and liver. Little information exists about the ultrastructural pathology of the ...