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      Big events in Greece and HIV infection among people who inject drugs 

      Nikolopoulos, Georgios K.; Sypsa, V.; Bonovas, Stefanos; Paraskeva, D.; Malliori-Minerva, Melpomeni; Hatzakis, A.; Friedman, Samuel R. (2015)
      Big Events are processes like macroeconomic transitions that have lowered social well-being in various settings in the past. Greece has been hit by the global crisis and experienced an HIV outbreak among people who inject ...
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      Developing Measures of Pathways that May Link Macro Social/Structural Changes with HIV Epidemiology 

      Pouget, E. R.; Sandoval, M.; Nikolopoulos, Georgios K.; Mateu-Gelabert, Pedro; Rossi, D.; Smyrnov, P.; Jones, Yolanda; Friedman, Samuel R. (2016)
      Macro-social/structural events (“big events”) such as wars, disasters, and large-scale changes in policies can affect HIV transmission by making risk behaviors more or less likely or by changing risk contexts. The purpose ...
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      Immediate impact of Hurricane Sandy on people who inject drugs in New York City 

      Pouget, E. R.; Sandoval, M.; Nikolopoulos, Georgios K.; Friedman, Samuel R. (2015)
      Over the eight months following Hurricane Sandy, of October 2012, we interviewed 300 people who inject drugs in New York City. During the week after the storm, 28% rescued others or volunteered with aid groups; 60% experienced ...
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      Interpersonal Attacks on the Dignity of Members of HIV Key Populations: A Descriptive and Exploratory Study 

      Friedman, Samuel R.; Pouget, E. R.; Sandoval, M.; Rossi, D.; Mateu-Gelabert, Pedro; Nikolopoulos, Georgios K.; Schneider, J. A.; Smyrnov, P.; Stall, R. D. (2017)
      Attacks on peoples’ dignity help to produce and maintain stigmatization and interpersonal hostility. As part of an effort to develop innovative measures of possible pathways between structural interventions or socially-disruptive ...
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      Measuring Altruistic and Solidaristic Orientations Toward Others among People Who Inject Drugs 

      Friedman, Samuel R.; Pouget, E. R.; Sandoval, M.; Jones, Yolanda; Nikolopoulos, Georgios K.; Mateu-Gelabert, Pedro (2015)
      The altruism and/or solidarity of people who inject drugs helps protect sex and drug partners from HIV. Research has been hindered by lack of measures. We developed and administered scales to assess them to 300 people who ...