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      Effects of Ge concentration, boron co-doping, and hydrogenation on fiber bragg grating characteristics 

      Konstantaki, M.; Tamiolakis, Q.; Argyris, A.; Othonos, Andreas S.; Ikiades, A. (2005)
      In this paper, we compare photosensitivity, refractive-index modulation depth, spectral bandwidth, and excess loss through the inscription of fiber Bragg gratings in unloaded and hydrogen-loaded fibers with low- or ...
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      Fiber laser sensor array 

      Alavie, A. Tino; Karr, Shawn E.; Othonos, Andreas S.; Measures, Raymond M. (Publ by Society of Photo-Optical Instrumentation Engineers, 1993)
      An intracore Bragg grating and a broadband reflector are used as cavity end mirrors of a tunable Erbium-doped fiber laser where the Bragg grating serves the dual purpose of the tuning element and the sensor. This fiber ...
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      Subwavelength imaging of an etched fiber with an intracore Bragg grating by apertured photon scanning tunneling microscope 

      Tsai, Din Ping; Chung, Yueh L.; Othonos, Andreas S. (Society of Photo-Optical Instrumentation Engineers, 1995)
      Apertured photon scanning tunneling microscopy (APSTM) was used to image the internal structure of an etched optical fiber with an intracore Bragg grating. Direct evidence of the subwavelength periodic variation of the ...