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      Cell cycle networks link gene expression dysregulation, mutation, and brain maldevelopment in autistic toddlers 

      Pramparo, Tiziano; Lombardo,Michael V.; Campbell, Kathleen; Barnes, Cynthia Carter; Marinero, S.; Solso, S.; Young, Julia; Mayo, Maisi; Dale, Anders; Ahrens-Barbeau, Clelia; Murray, Sarah S.; Lopez, Linda; Lewis, Nathan E.; Pierce, Karen; Courchesne, Eric (2015)
      Genetic mechanisms underlying abnormal early neural development in toddlers with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) remain uncertain due to the impossibility of direct brain gene expression measurement during critical periods ...
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      Inference, reconceptualization, sight, and efficiency along intellectual growth: A general theory 

      Demetriou, Andreas P.; Spanoudis,George C.; Shayer, Michael (2014)
      This article summarizes a comprehensive theory of intellectual organization and growth. The theory specifies a common core of processes (Abstraction, representational Alignment, and Cognizance, i.e., AACog) underlying ...
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      Organizational effects of fetal testosterone on human corpus callosum size and asymmetry 

      Chura, Lindsay R.; Lombardo, Michael V.; Ashwin, Emma; Auyeung, Bonnie; Chakrabarti, B.; Bullmore, Edward T.; Baron-Cohen, Simon (2010)
      Previous theory and research in animals has identified the critical role that fetal testosterone (FT) plays in organizing sexually dimorphic brain development. However, to date there are no studies in humans directly testing ...
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      Relationship between cortical gyrification, white matter connectivity, and autism spectrum disorder 

      Ecker,C.; Andrews, Derek Sayre; Dell’Acqua, Flavio; Daly,Eileen M.; Murphy,Clodagh M.; Catani, Marco; Schotten, Thiebaut De; Baron-Cohen,Simon; Lai,Meng-Chuan; Lombardo,Michael V.; Bullmore,Edward T.; Suckling,John; Williams,Steven C. R.; Jones, D. K.; Chiocchetti, A.; Murphy,Declan G. M. (2016)
      Autism spectrum disorder (ASD) is a complex neurodevelopmental condition, which is accompanied by differences in gray matter neuroanatomy and white matter connectivity. However, it is unknown whether these differences are ...
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      White-matter relaxation time and myelin water fraction differences in young adults with autism 

      Deoni,Sean C. L.; Zinkstok, J. R.; Daly,Eileen M.; Ecker,C.; Williams,Steven C. R.; Murphy,Declan G. M.; Bailey, Anthony J.; Baron-Cohen,Simon; Bolton, P. F.; Bullmore,Edward T.; Carrington, S.; Chakrabarti,B.; Daly,Eileen M.; Deoni,Sean C. L.; Ecker,C.; Happé,Francesca; Henty, Julian; Jezzard, Peter; Johnston,Patrick; Jones, D. K.; Lombardo,Michael V.; Madden, A.; Mullins, D.; Murphy,Clodagh M.; Murphy,Declan G. M.; Pasco, Greg; Sadek,Susan A.; Spain,D.; Steward, R.; Suckling,John; Wheelwright,Sally J.; Williams,Steven C. R. (2015)
      Background. Increasing evidence suggests that autism is associated with abnormal white-matter (WM) anatomy and impaired brain 'connectivity'. While myelin plays a critical role in synchronized brain communication, its ...