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      C-eclipse: An open-source management framework for cloud applications 

      Sofokleous, Chrystalla; Loulloudes, Nicholas; Trihinas, Demetris; Pallis, George C.; Dikaiakos, Marios D. (2014)
      Cloud application portability and optimal resource allocation are of great importance in the realm of Cloud infrastructure provisioning. c-Eclipse is an open-source Cloud Application Management Framework through which users ...
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      N2O decomposition over ceria-promoted Ir/Al2O3 catalysts: The role of ceria 

      Pachatouridou, E.; Papista, E.; Delimitis, Andréas; Vasiliades, Michalis A.; Efstathiou, Angelos M.; Amiridis, Michael D.; Alexeev, O. S.; Bloom, D.; Marnellos, G. E.; Konsolakis, M.; Iliopoulou, E. (2016)
      The impact of CeO2 in the Al2O3-20wt% CeO2 support prepared by the co-precipitation method on the Ir particle size, morphology and oxidation state, and in turn on the deN2O catalytic activity (1000ppmN2O) of supported Ir ...
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      Origin and reactivity of active and inactive carbon formed during DRM over Ni/Ce0.38Zr0.62O2-δ studied by transient isotopic techniques 

      Vasiliades, Michalis A.; Djinović, P.; Davlyatova, L. F.; Pintar, A.; Efstathiou, Angelos M. (2016)
      The role of Ce0.38Zr0.62O2-δ redox support and that of reactants CH4 and CO2 in the carbon-path of dry reforming of methane (DRM) at 750°C over a 3wt% Ni/Ce0.38Zr0.62O2-δ catalyst were investigated. In particular, meticulously ...