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      Environmental aspects of VOCs evolved in the early stages of human decomposition 

      Statheropoulos, Miltiades K.; Agapiou, Agapios; Spiliopoulou, C.; Pallis, George C.; Sianos, Efstathios (2007)
      In the present study, the time profile, measured as "accumulation", of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) produced during the early stages of human decomposition was investigated. A human cadaver was placed in a sealed bag ...
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      A study of volatile organic compounds evolved from the decaying human body 

      Statheropoulos, Miltiades K.; Spiliopoulou, C.; Agapiou, Agapios (2005)
      Two men were found dead near the island of Samos, Greece, in the Mediterranean sea. The estimated time of death for both victims was 3-4 weeks. Autopsy revealed no remarkable external injuries or acute poisoning. The exact ...