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      Converged solutions of the Newtonian extrudate-swell problem 

      Georgiou, Georgios C.; Boudouvis, Andreas G. (1999)
      Both the axisymmetric and the planar Newtonian extrudate-swell problems are solved using the standard and the singular finite element methods. In the latter method, special elements that incorporate the radial form of the ...
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      The steady annular extrusion of a Newtonian liquid under gravity and surface tension 

      Housiadas, Kostas D.; Georgiou, Georgios C.; Tsamopoulos, J. (2000)
      The steady extrusion of a Newtonian liquid through an annular die and its development outside and away from the die are studied under the influence of gravitational and surface tension forces. The finite element method ...