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      Deactivation of Pd/Ce 0.5Zr 0.5O 2 model three-way catalyst by P, Ca and Zn deposition 

      Christou, Stavroula Y.; García-Rodríguez, S.; Fierro, José Luis García; Efstathiou, Angelos M. (2012)
      The negative effects of P, P-Ca and P-Zn deposition on the surface of a model 1wt% Pd/Ce 0.5Zr 0.5O 2 " three-way" catalyst (TWC) on its structural, morphological, textural, oxygen storage and release, and catalytic ...
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      Size-Selective Kinetics of Nanostructured Pt/GC Model Electrocatalysts for CO Stripping 

      Zhang, D.; Shao, Z.; Yan, W.; Li, A.; Skourtis, Spiros S. (2016)
      We studied using dynamic Monte Carlo (DMC) models the size-selective kinetic characteristics of CO monolayer oxidation (CO stripping) on multiscale nanostructured Pt/GC model electrodes comprising nanodisks with diameters ...
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      The steam reforming of phenol over natural calcite materials 

      Constantinou, D. A.; Efstathiou, Angelos M. (2009)
      Five natural calcite materials of different geographical origin were studied towards the steam reforming of phenol reaction and the activity results obtained were correlated with some of their physico-chemical properties. ...