• Article  

      Authenticity of cypriot sweet wine commandaria using FT-IR and chemometrics 

      Ioannou-Papayianni, Elena; Kokkinofta, Rebecca I.; Theocharis, Charis R. (2011)
      FT-IR spectra of 65 sweet wines produced in Cyprus and other countries were determined, in order to study the authenticity and uniqueness of the Cypriot traditional wine "Commandaria" that is produced from sun-dried grapes. ...
    • Doctoral Thesis  

      Chemometric characterisation of cypriot traditional cheese Halloumi 

      Tarapoulouzi, Maria S. (Πανεπιστήμιο Κύπρου, Σχολή Θετικών και Εφαρμοσμένων Επιστημών / University of Cyprus, Faculty of Pure and Applied Sciences, 2020-04)
      Το τυρί Χαλλούμι είναι παραδοσιακό κυπριακό τυρί και ανήκει στην κατηγορία των λευκών τυριών, τα οποία διατηρούνται σε άλμη νορού (ορρό γάλακτος). Το παραδοσιακό αυτό τυρί, το οποίο, σύμφωνα με ιστορικές πηγές, παρασκευαζόταν ...
    • Article  

      Using statistical analysis as an additional tool in porous solid characterization 

      Attipa, Christothea; Panayiotou, Antonia; Kokkinofta, Rebecca I.; Theocharis, Charis R. (2011)
      Analytical chemists have long used statistical methods to help them organize and interpret experimental data-especially where large numbers of these are generated-as well as to help them design new experiments. Recently, ...