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      Alexithymia in children with and without autism spectrum disorders 

      Griffin, Cait; Lombardo, Michael V.; Auyeung, Bonnie (2016)
      Alexithymia refers to pronounced difficulty in identifying and describing one's own emotions and is associated with an externally oriented focus of thinking. Alexithymia is known to be much more common in adults with autism ...
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      Association of serum vitamin D with asthma and atopy in childhood: Review of epidemiological observational studies 

      Kolokotroni, Ourania; Middleton, Nicos; Kouta, Christiana; Raftopoulos, V.; Yiallouros, Panayiotis K. (2015)
      During the last decades, vitamin D deficiency has re-emerged worldwide affecting not only population’s bone health, but also several other conditions including asthma and allergies. Increasing number of published epidemiological ...
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      Cognitive education and reading disability 

      Das, J. P.; Parrila, Rauno K.; Papadopoulos, Timothy C. (Pergamon Press, 2000)
      Lays the groundwork and presents reading as a cognitive activity. The authors] provide a discussion of Planning, Attention, Simultaneous processing, and Successive processing (PASS) theory of intelligence (J. P. Das et al, ...
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      Comparison of bacteriologically proven septic arthritis of the hip and knee in children, a preliminary study 

      Joshy, Suraj; Choudry, Qaisar; Akbar, Naveed; Crawford, Louise; Zenios, Michalis (2010)
      The hip and knee are the commonest joints affected by septic arthritis in the pediatric age group. Both can present as a limping, unwell child and can be difficult to diagnose. The primary aim of this study is to review ...
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      The effect of inhaled budesonide on adrenal and growth suppression in asthmatic children 

      Priftis, K. N.; Papadimitriou, A.; Gatsopoulou, E.; Yiallouros, Panayiotis K.; Fretzayas, Andrew; Nicolaidou, P. (2006)
      The present authors evaluated adrenal reserve in asthmatic children on long-term inhaled corticosteroids and whether possible adrenal suppression could be predicted by growth retardation. Low-dose synacthen test (0.5 μg·1.73 ...
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      Effects of Intralipid infusion on hemorheology and peripheral resistance in neonates and children 

      Kessler, Ulf; Zachariou, Zacharias; Raz, D.; Poeschl, J.; Linderkamp, Otwin (2005)
      Deleterious microcirculatory effects of Intralipid (IL) infusion may be caused by hemorheological or vascular effects. The aim of this investigation was to study vascular and hemorheological effects of IL in preterm and ...
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      Epididymal duplication and undescended testes in two boys 

      Beiler, Hans Albert; Zachariou, Zacharias; Daum, R. (1996)
      The combination of undescended testes and epididymal duplication is rare and only two such cases were observed in the last decade at an institution handling a large number of undescended testes in children. One of the two ...
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      Evidence-based psychotherapy for children and adolescents: How science becomes practice 

      Constantinou, Marios; Dipli, Christiana; Karekla, Maria (American Psychological Association, 2008)
      Reviews the book, Handbook of evidence-based therapies for children and adolescents: Bridging science and practice edited by Ric G. Steele, T. David Elkin, and Michael C. Roberts (see record rid]2007-13784-000/rid]). The ...
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      Handlebar injuries in children 

      Klimek, Peter Michael; Lutz, Thomas; Stranzinger, E.; Zachariou, Zacharias; Kessler, Ulf; Berger, Steffen (2013)
      Introduction: Handlebar injuries in children may lead to severe organ lesions despite minimal initial signs and without visible skin bruise. We present our experiences applying a diagnostic and therapeutic algorithm for ...
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      Hypertension as a complication of circular external fixators 

      Oroko, M. D.; Wadia, F. D.; Farrell, Ruth; Bradbury, Mark; Zenios, Michalis (2013)
      Hypertension is not a recognized complication of circular external fixation. The aim of this study was to determine the incidence of hypertension following this procedure. A retrospective review of 57 patients was carried ...
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      Independent Validation and Clinical Utility Study of the Hellenic WISC-III Using a Greek-Cypriot Sample 

      Souroulla, Andry Vrachimi; Panayiotou, Georgia (Journal of Education and Training Studies, 2017)
      The Hellenic WISC-III (Wechsler, 1997) is currently the only standardized and officially published tool for the assessment of the intelligence of children and adolescents in Greece. The test is also used with caution in ...
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      Laparoscopic Tenckhoff catheter implantation in children 

      Daschner, Markus; Gfrörer, Stefan; Zachariou, Zacharias; Mehls, Otto; Schaefer, F. (2002)
      ◆ Objective: To assess the suitability of a laparoscopic Tenckhoff catheter implantation (TCI) technique in children. ◆ Design: Prospective nonrandomized controlled study. ◆ Setting: Laparoscopic and conventional TCIs in ...
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      Pediatric craniofacial trauma 

      Wymann, Nicole M. Eggensperger; Hoelzle, Alexander; Zachariou, Zacharias; Iizuka, Tateyuki (2008)
      Purpose: Maxillofacial and skull fractures occur with concomitant injuries in pediatric trauma patients. The aim of this study was to determine the causes and distributions of maxillofacial and skull fractures as well as ...
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      Pediatric surgery digest 

      Zachariou, Zacharias; Zachariou, Zacharias [0000-0001-8305-8037] (Springer, 2009)
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      Prevalence of asthma and allergies in children from the Greek-Cypriot and Turkish-Cypriot communities in Cyprus: A bi-communal cross-sectional study 

      Lamnisos, Demetris; Moustaki, Maria; Kolokotroni, Ourania; Koksoy, H.; Faiz, Muharrem; Arifoglu, Kenan; Milton, Donald K.; Middleton, Nicos; Yiallouros, Panayiotis K. (2013)
      Background: The Greek-Cypriot (G/C) and Turkish-Cypriot (T/C) communities have lived apart since 1974, with the former presumably adopting a more westernized way of life. We estimated the prevalence of asthma and allergies ...
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      The removal of forearm plates in children 

      Kim, W. Y.; Zenios, Michalis; Kumar, A.; Abdulkadir, U. (2005)
      Routine removal of forearm plates in children remains controversial. The aim of the study was to assess if risks of complications associated with removal of forearm plates in children warrant routine removal of these plates. ...
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      The role of thoracoscopy in paediatric spontaneous pneumothorax 

      Schulte, D.; Cholewa, Dietmar; Casaulta, Carmen; Zachariou, Zacharias (2008)
      Spontaneous pneumothorax in children is an emergency. A rapid and structured treatment is necessary. Indicating clinical signs are dyspnoea with unilateral reduced breath sounds and hypersonic percussion note. Chest x-ray ...
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      Die Rolle der Thorakoskopie beim kindlichen Spontan-pneumothorax 

      Schulte, D.; Cholewa, Dietmar; Casaulta, Carmen; Zachariou, Zacharias (2008)
      Spontaneous pneumothorax in children is an emergency. A rapid and structured treatment is necessary. Indicating clinical signs are dyspnoea with unilateral reduced breath sounds and hypersonic percussion note. Chest x-ray ...
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      Shared genetic variants between serum levels of high-density lipoprotein cholesterol and wheezing in a cohort of children from Cyprus 

      Yiallouros, Panayiotis K.; Kouis, Panayiotis; Kolokotroni, Ourania; Youhanna, S.; Savva, Savvas C.; Dima, Kleanthi; Zerva, A.; Platt, D.; Middleton, Nicos; Zalloua, P. (2016)
      Background: In a cohort of children in Cyprus, we recently reported low levels of high density lipoprotein cholesterol (HDL-C) to be associated with asthma. We examined whether genetic polymorphisms that were previously ...
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      Working with many languages: a handbook for community language teachers 

      Tansley, Paula; Nowaz, Hasina; Roussou-Sinclair, Mary (School Curriculum Development Committee, 1985)