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      Chiral ionic liquids in chromatographic and electrophoretic separations 

      Kapnissi‐Christodoulou, Constantina P.; Stavrou, Ioannis J.; Mavroudi, Maria C. (2014)
      This report provides an overview of the application of chiral ionic liquids (CILs) in separation technology, and particularly in capillary electrophoresis and both gas and liquid chromatography. There is a large number of ...
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      Chiral selectors in CE: Recent developments and applications 

      Tsioupi, Despina A.; Stefan-van Staden, R. -I; Kapnissi‐Christodoulou, Constantina P. (2013)
      This review article provides an overview of the recent advances in enantioanalysis by use of electrophoretic techniques. Due to the big number of publications in the subject mentioned above, this article is focused on ...