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      Cognitive styles, task presentation mode and mathematical performance 

      Pitta-Pantazi, Demetra; Christou, Constantinos (Routledge, 2009)
      This paper reports the outcomes of an empirical study undertaken to investigate the relationship of prospective teachers' cognitive styles and levels of performance in measurement and spatial tasks. A total of 116 prospective ...
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      Individual differences in brain structure underpin empathizing-systemizing cognitive styles in male adults 

      Lai,Meng-Chuan; Lombardo,Michael V.; Chakrabarti,B.; Ecker,C.; Sadek,Susan A.; Wheelwright,Sally J.; Murphy,Declan G. M.; Suckling,John; Bullmore,Edward T.; Baron-Cohen,Simon; Bailey, Anthony J.; Bolton, P. F.; Carrington, S.; Daly,Eileen M.; Deoni,Sean C. L.; Happé,Francesca; Henty, Julian; Jezzard, Peter; Johnston,Patrick; Jones, D. K.; Madden, A.; Mullins, D.; Murphy,Clodagh M.; Pasco, Greg; Ruigrok,Amber N. V.; Spain,D.; Stewart, R.; Williams,Steven C. R. (2012)
      Individual differences in cognitive style can be characterized along two dimensions: 'systemizing' (S, the drive to analyze or build 'rule-based' systems) and 'empathizing' (E, the drive to identify another's mental state ...
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      Striving for the 'grand theory': Response to the commentators 

      Demetriou, Andreas P.; Georgiou, Stelios N. (Blackwell Publishing, 1999)
      Responds to comments by F. Marton (see record rid]2000-00993-002/rid]), R. J. Sternberg (see record rid]2000-00993-003/rid]), C. F. M. van Lieshout (see record rid]2000-00993-004/rid]), E. C. Hair and W. G. Graziano (see ...
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      Thinking about Complex Problems with Modeling Software: the Role of Cognitive Style and Visual and Textual Representations 

      Angeli, Charoula; Valanides, Nicos (International Association for Development of the Information Society (IADIS), 2004)
      Sixty-five undergraduates, classified into Field-Dependent (FD), Field-Mixed (FM), and Field-Independent (FI) learners, were randomly assigned to two groups, Text-Only (T-O) and Text-and-Visual (T-V). The T-O group received ...
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      User-centric profiling on the basis of cognitive and emotional characteristics: An empirical study 

      Tsianos, Nikos; Lekkas, Zacharias; Germanakos, Panagiotis; Mourlas, Constantinos; Samaras, George S. (2008)
      In order to clarify whether extending learners' profiles in an adaptive educational system to cognitive and emotional characteristics may have a positive effect on performance, we conducted an empirical study that consists ...