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      Improved detection of breast cancer nuclei using modular neural networks 

      Schnorrenberg, F.; Tsapatsoulis, Nicolas; Pattichis, Constantinos S.; Schizas, Christos N.; Kollias, S.; Vassiliou, M.; Adamou, Adamos K.; Kyriacou, Kyriacos C. (2000)
      A modular neural network-based approach to detect and classify breast cancer nuclei stained for steroid receptors in hispathological sections is evaluated. The system named biopsy analysis support system (BASS) is designed ...
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      Oxidovanadium(IV/V) complexes as new redox mediators in dye-sensitized solar cells: A combined experimental and theoretical study 

      Apostolopoulou, Andigoni; Vlasiou, Manolis; Tziouris, Petros A.; Tsiafoulis, Constantinos G.; Tsipis, Athanassios C.; Rehder, D.; Kabanos, Themistoklis A.; Keramidas, Anastasios D.; Stathatos, Elias (2015)
      Corrosiveness is one of the main drawbacks of using the iodide/triiodide redox couple in dye-sensitized solar cells (DSSCs). Alternative redox couples including transition metal complexes have been investigated where ...
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      Spectral genotyping of human alleles 

      Kostrikis, Leontios G.; Tyagi, S.; Mhlanga, M. M.; Ho, David D.; Kramer, F. R. (1998)