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      Abrupt and incipient fault isolation of nonlinear uncertain systems 

      Zhang, Xiaodong; Polycarpou, Marios M.; Parisini, T. (2000)
      This paper presents a robust fault diagnosis scheme for abrupt and incipient faults in nonlinear uncertain dynamical systems. A detection and approximation estimator is used for online health monitoring. Once a fault is ...
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      Addressing the challenges of future large-scale many-core architectures 

      Petrides, P.; Trancoso, Pedro (2013)
      Current processor trends show an increasing number of cores and a diversity of characteristics among them. Such processors offer a large potential for achieving high performance for different applications. Nevertheless, ...
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      Argumentation based modelling of embedded agent dialogues 

      Dimopoulos, Yannis; Kakas, Antonis C.; Moraïtis, Pavlos (2006)
      This paper presents a novel approach to modelling embedded agent dialogues. It proposes a specific structure for the supporting information accompanying the arguments that agents exchange during a dialogue, it defines ...
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      Argumentative agent deliberation, roles and context 

      Kakas, Antonis C.; Moraïtis, Pavlos (2002)
      This paper presents an argumentation based framework to support an agent's deliberation process for drawing conclusions under a given policy. The argumentative policy of the agent is able to take into account the roles ...
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      ARNI: Abductive inference of complex regulatory network structures 

      Maimari, N.; Turliuc, C. -R; Broda, K.; Kakas, Antonis C.; Krams, R.; Russo, A. (2013)
      Physical network inference methods use a template of molecular interaction to infer biological networks from high throughput datasets. Current inference methods have limited applicability, relying on cause-effect pairs or ...
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      The complexity of equilibria for risk-modeling valuations 

      Mavronicolas, Marios; Monien, Burkhard (2016)
      Following the direction pioneered by Fiat and Papadimitriou in their 2010 paper [12], we study the complexity of deciding the existence of mixed equilibria for minimization games where players use valuations other than ...
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      The complexity of synchronous iterative Do-All with crashes 

      Georgiou, Chryssis; Russell, A.; Shvartsman, A. A. (2004)
      The ability to cooperate on common tasks in a distributed setting is key to solving a broad range of computation problems ranging from distributed search such as SETI to distributed simulation and multi-agent collaboration. ...
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      The cost of concurrent, low-contention Read&Modify&Write 

      Busch, Costas; Mavronicolas, Marios; Spirakis, Paul G. (2005)
      The possibility or impossibility and the corresponding costs of devising concurrent, low-contention implementations of atomic Read&Modify&Write (or RMW) operations in a distributed system were addressed. A natural class ...
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      The Do-All problem with Byzantine processor failures 

      Fernández, A.; Georgiou, Chryssis; Russell, A.; Shvartsman, A. A. (2005)
      Do-All is the abstract problem of using n processors to cooperatively perform m independent tasks in the presence of failures. This problem and its derivatives have been a centerpiece in the study of trade-offs between ...
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      Editorial message: Special track on ubiquitous computing 

      Roussos, G.; Samaras, George S.; Spinellis, D. (2004)
      Ubiquitous computing places humans in the center of environments saturated with computing and wireless communications capabilities, yet gracefully integrated, so that technology recedes in the background of everyday ...
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      Efficient gossip and robust distributed computation 

      Georgiou, Chryssis; Kowalski, D. R.; Shvartsman, A. A. (2005)
      This paper presents an efficient deterministic gossip algorithm for p synchronous, crash-prone, message-passing processors. The algorithm has time complexity T=O(log2p) and message complexity M=O(p1+ε), for any ε>0. This ...
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      Efficient, strongly consistent implementations of shared memory 

      Mavronicolas, Marios; Roth, D. (1992)
      We present linearizable implementations for two distributed organizations of multiprocessor shared memory. For the full caching organization, where each process keeps a local copy of the whole memory, we present a linearizable ...
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      Emotional web-based design: the concepts of emotional experience and emotional expression 

      Lekkas, Zacharias; Tsianos, Nikos; Germanakos, Panagiotis; Mourlas, Constantinos; Samaras, George S. (2011)
      For many years people have been trying to measure differences between individuals. Over the course of time, a combination of developments in statistical know-how and the evolution of thought within psychology enabled the ...
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      Extending planning graphs to an ADL subset 

      Koehler, J.; Nebel, B.; Hoffmann, J.; Dimopoulos, Yannis (1997)
      We describe an extension of graphplan to a subset of ADL that allows conditional and universally quantified effects in operators in such a way that almost all interesting properties of the original graph-plan algorithm are ...
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      A glimpse at Christos H. Papadimitriou 

      Mavronicolas, Marios; Spirakis, Paul G. (2009)
      Christos H. Papadimitriou is one of the most influential and colorful researchers in Computer Science today. This glimpse is the outcome of a modest attempt of us to a biographical introduction to Christos, which we have ...
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      Global seismic monitoring network for classroom use 

      Skoupil, David; Andrýsek, Michal; Dobeš, Michal (University of Zilina, 2005)
      This paper describes the Seismic Internet Monitoring Application 2 (SIMA2) project and explains its use for teaching geology, physics, and computer science at the elementary, high school, and college levels. Earthquakes ...
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      Grid Computing : Second European AcrossGrids Conference, AxGrids 2004, Nicosia, Cyprus, January 28-30, 2004. Revised Papers 

      European Across, Grids Conference; Dikaiakos, Marios D.; European Across, Grids Conference; Dikaiakos, Marios D.; SpringerLink (Online service); European Across, Grids Conference (2004)
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      Grid resource ranking using low-level performance measurements 

      Tsouloupas, George; Dikaiakos, Marios D. (2007)
      This paper outlines a feasible approach to ranking Grid resources based on an easily obtainable application-specific performance model utilizing low-level performance metrics. First, Grid resources are characterized using ...
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      GridBench: A workbench for Grid benchmarking 

      Tsouloupas, George; Dikaiakos, Marios D. (2005)
      In this article we present the GridBench, an extensible tool for benchmarking and testing Grid resources. We give an overview of the GridBench services and tools that provide easy invocation of benchmarks and management ...
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      Harvesting large-scale grids for software resources 

      Katsifodimos, A.; Pallis, George C.; Dikaiakos, Marios D. (2009)
      Grid infrastructures are in operation around the world, federating an impressive collection of computational resources and a wide variety of application software. In this context, it is important to establish advanced ...