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      Adaptive noise canceling and edge detection in images using PVM on a NOW 

      Mylonas, S. A.; Trancoso, Pedro; Trimikliniotis, Michael (IEEE, 2000)
      A method for the processing of digital images using a two-dimensional LMS adaptive filter for noise reduction and subsequent edge detection is presented. This was implemented on a Parallel Virtual Machine (PVM) consisting ...
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      Direct methods for spectral approximations in nonconforming domain decompositions 

      Karageorghis, Andreas; Paprzycki, M. (1998)
      The application of a conforming spectral collocation method to certain nonconforming domain decompositions leads to global matrices which have a particular block structure. We study the performance of various direct linear ...
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      Fast cloth animation on walking avatars 

      Vassilev, T.; Spanlang, B.; Chrysanthou, Yiorgos L. (2001)
      This paper describes a fast technique for animating clothing on walking humans. It exploits a mass-spring cloth model but applies a new velocity directional modification approach to overcome its super-elasticity. The ...