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      Designing electronic performance support systems to enhance computer-based learning 

      Barker, Philip; van Schaik, Paul; Pearson, Robert (Department of Educational Sciences, University of Cyprus, 2003)
      An electronic performance support system (EPSS) is a computer-based environment that facilitates skill and knowledge acquisition within a particular domain of study. As well as its pedagogic utility, an EPSS can also be ...
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      Dietetics-software programs and computerbased Learning 

      Fragkiadakis, Georgios A.; Dimitropoulakis, Petros; Markaki, Maria; Markaki, Anastasia (University of Cyprus, 2007)
      Dietetics-software programs integrate the automation of many clinical nutrition and food-management functions. Clinical Dietetics activities such as nutrition screening, nutrition assessment, diet-order entry, patient ...
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      Educational software on the ozone layer Depletion 

      Psomiadis, Ploutarchos; Chalkidis, Anthimos; Saridaki, Anna; Tampakis, Constantine (Konstantinos); Skordoulis, Constantine (University of Cyprus, 2007)
      This paper describes the design and the formative evaluation of educational software concerning the ‘Depletion of the Ozone Layer’ designed for the students of the Faculty of Primary Education (pre-service teachers) of the ...
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      Hilbert: an autonomous evolutionary information system for teaching and learning logic 

      Cheng, Jingde; Akimoto, Naoki; Goto, Yuichi; Koide, Masato; Nanashima, Kouichi; Nara, Sinsuke (Department of Educational Sciences, University of Cyprus, 2003)
      In order to establish a widely useful computer-based environment for teaching and learning logic, we are developing an autonomous evolutionary information system, named “HILBERT,” for teaching and learning various logic ...
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      Investigating the impact of learning from hypermedia 

      Vovides, Yianna (Department of Educational Sciences, University of Cyprus, 2003)
      Distance education via the internet is now one of the most viable options for delivery of information to people in different places and because of this the concept of hypermedia is gaining in popularity. In the healthcare ...
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      Medical applications of Computer-based learning 

      Barker, Philip; Schaik, Paul van (Pedagogical Faculty of University of Ostrava, 2001)
      Interactive access to instructional materials and educational information is now possible by means of a wide range of relatively low-cost technologies. This means that many new and exciting educational applications of ...