• Working Paper  Open Access

      Portfolio diversification in the sovereign credit swap markets 

      Consiglio, Andrea; Lotfi, Somayyeh; Zenios, Stavros A. (Springer, 2017-05)
      We develop models for portfolio diversification in the sovereign credit default swap (CDS) markets and show that, despite literature findings that sovereign CDS spreads are affected by global factors, there is sufficient ...
    • Working Paper  Open Access

      Risk management for sovereign financing within a debt sustainability framework 

      Athanasopoulou, Marialena; Consiglio, Andrea; Erce, Aitor; Gavilan Gonzalez, Angel; Moshammer, Edmund; Zenios, Stavros A. (European Stability Mechanism Working Paper No. 31, 2018-09)
      The mix of instruments used to finance a sovereign is a key determinant of debt sustainability through its effect on funding costs and risks. We extend standard debt sustainability analysis to incorporate debt-financing ...
    • Working Paper  Open Access

      Risk management optimization for sovereign debt restructuring 

      Consiglio, Andrea; Zenios, Stavros A. (Journal of Globalization and Development, Vol. 6(2), pp. 181–213, Feb. 2016.; The Wharton School Financial Institutions Centre No. 14-10., 2015-12)
      Debt restructuring is one of the policy tools available for resolving sovereign debt crises and, while unorthodox, it is not uncommon. We propose a scenario analysis for debt sustainability and integrate it with scenario ...