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      Alignment of electrospun polymer fibers using a concave collector 

      Savva, I.; Evaggelou, E.; Papaparaskeva, G.; Leontiou, T.; Stylianopoulos, T.; Mpekris, F.; Stylianou, K.; Krasia-Christoforou, T. (2015)
      During recent years, electrospinning has become a powerful technique for the cost-effective production of fibrous materials with diameters ranging from a few nanometers up to a few micrometers. In a conventional electrospinning ...
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      Cost-Effective Polymethacrylate-Based Electrospun Fluorescent Fibers toward Ammonia Sensing 

      Petropoulou, A.; Christodoulou, K.; Polydorou, C.; Krasia-Christoforou, T.; Riziotis, C. (2017)
      The fabrication of cost-effective, polymer-based electrospun fluorescent fibrous grids and their evaluation as candidates for sensing is reported, drawing useful results on their applicability and efficiency in gas sensing ...
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      Low temperature and cost-effective growth of vertically aligned carbon nanofibers using spin-coated polymer-stabilized palladium nanocatalysts 

      Saleem, A. M.; Shafiee, S.; Krasia-Christoforou, T.; Savva, I.; Göransson, G.; Desmaris, V.; Enoksson, P. (2015)
      We describe a fast and cost-effective process for the growth of carbon nanofibers (CNFs) at a temperature compatible with complementary metal oxide semiconductor technology, using highly stable polymer-Pd nanohybrid colloidal ...
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      Pricing price information in E-commerce [Extended Abstract] 

      Markopoulos, Panos M.; Ungar, Lyle H. (Affiliation: Computer and Information Sci. Dept., University of Pennsylvania, Pittsburgh, PA, United StatesCorrespondence Address: Markopoulos, P.M.Computer and Information Sci. Dept., University of Pennsylvania, Pittsburgh, PA, United Statesemail: markopou@unagi.cis.upenn.edu, 2001)
      Shopbots and Internet sites that help users locate the best price for a product are changing the way people shop by providing valuable information on goods and services. This paper presents a first attempt to measure the ...