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      Constructing cultural identity, representing social power 

      Bilsel, Cana; Esmark, Kim; Kizilyurek, Niyazi (Plus-Pisa University Press, 2010)
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      Culture and social representations: A continuing dialogue in search for heterogeneity in social developmental psychology 

      Psaltis, Charis (2012)
      In this commentary on Jahoda (2012) and Moghaddam (2012), I discuss the problem of the reification of culture from a social representations perspective and argue that social representations as a notion overcomes many of ...
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      Interaction of reward seeking and self-regulation in the prediction of risk taking: A cross-national test of the dual systems model 

      Duell, Natasha; Steinberg, L.; Chein, Jason; Al-Hassan, Suha M.; Bacchini, Dario; Lei, Chang; Chaudhary, N.; Di Giunta, Laura; Dodge, Kenneth A.; Fanti, Kostas A.; Lansford, J. E.; Malone, Patrick S.; Oburu, Paul; Pastorelli, Concetta; Skinner, Ann T.; Sorbring, Emma; Tapanya, Sombat; Tirado, L. M. U.; Alampay, L. P. (American Psychological Association Inc, 2016)
      In the present analysis, we test the dual systems model of adolescent risk taking in a cross-national sample of over 5,200 individuals aged 10 through 30 (M = 17.05 years, SD = 5.91) from 11 countries. We examine whether ...
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      Studiu in Vitro Al Hemangioamelor Cutanate Ale Copilariei 

      Vezan, Remus N.; Paraina, Ioan; Zachariou, Zacharias (2009)
      Hemangiomas are the most common tumor of infancy and are caracterized by a initial rapid growth followed by a slow involution. We raport a novel human in vitro model for hemangioma tissues. Our aim is to abtain small ...
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      Teacher Education for a New World 

      Phtiaka, Helen (2002)
      The article attempts to address some complex issues and arrive at some conclusions regarding teacher education for a complex new world. The national identity suggested here has less to do with economics, and more to do ...
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      The Use of Symbolic Resources in Developmental Transitions 

      Zittoun, Tania; Duveen, G.; Gillespie, A.; Ivinson, G.; Psaltis, Charis (2003)
      This paper introduces the idea of symbolic resources as the use of cultural elements to mediate the representational work occasioned by ruptures or discontinuities in the smooth experience of ordinary life, moments when ...