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      Cloud computing: The new frontier of internet computing 

      Pallis, George C. (2010)
      Cloud computing is a new field in Internet computing that provides novel perspectives in internetworking technologies and raises issues in the architecture, design, and implementation of existing networks and data centers. ...
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      Modeling the implications of DRAM failures and protection techniques on datacenter TCO 

      Nikolaou, Panagiota; Sazeides, Yiannakis; Ndreu, L.; Kleanthous, Marios M. (IEEE Computer Society, 2015)
      Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) is a key optimization metric for the design of a datacenter. This paper proposes, for the first time, a framework for modeling the implications of DRAM failures and DRAM error protection ...
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      Thermal characterization of cloud workloads on a power-efficient server-on-chip 

      Milojevic, D.; Idgunji, S.; Jevdjic, D.; Ozer, E.; Lotfi-Kamran, P.; Panteli, Andreas; Prodromou, Andreas; Nicopoulos, Chrysostomos A.; Hardy, D.; Falsari, B.; Sazeides, Yiannakis (2012)
      We propose a power-efficient many-core server-on-chip system with 3D-stacked Wide I/O DRAM targeting cloud workloads in datacenters. The integration of 3D-stacked Wide I/O DRAM on top of a logic die increases available ...
    • Doctoral Thesis  Open Access

      Total cost of ownership optimization for edge and cloud data-centers 

      Nikolaou, Panagiota N. (Πανεπιστήμιο Κύπρου, Σχολή Θετικών και Εφαρμοσμένων Επιστημών / University of Cyprus, Faculty of Pure and Applied Sciences, 2020-04)
      Ο αριθμός των ευφυών συσκευών που συνδέονται με το Διαδίκτυο αυξάνεται καθημερινά και σύντομα θα είναι της τάξης των δεκάδων δισεκατομμυρίων, αποτελώντας το Διαδίκτυο των πραγμάτων (IoT). Κάθε μία από αυτές τις συσκευές ...