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      Portable parallel implementation of two novel mathematical biology algorithms in ZPL 

      Dikaiakos, Marios D.; Manoussaki, Daphne; Lin, Calvin; Woodward, Diana E. (ACM, 1995)
      This paper shows that mathematical models of biological pattern formation are ideally suited to data parallelism. We present two new algorithms, one for simulating the dynamic structure of fibroblasts, and the other for ...
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      Producer-consumer: The programming model for future many-core processors 

      Prat-Pérez, A.; Dominguez-Sal, D.; Larriba-Pey, J. -L; Trancoso, Pedro (2013)
      The massive addition of cores on a chip is adding more pressure to the accesses to main memory. In order to avoid this bottleneck, we propose the use of a simple producer-consumer model, which allows for the temporary ...