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      Experimental investigation on the confining effect of fibers in SHFRCC 

      Georgiou, A. V.; Pantazopoulou, Stavroula J. (2017)
      Strain Hardening Fiber Reinforced Cementitious Composites (SHFRCC) comprise of a mix design that differs from normal concrete mixes. Fibers act as mass reinforcement leading to large deformation capacities, bridging of the ...
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      The performance of corroded lap splices in reinforced concrete beams 

      Pantazopoulou, Stavroula J.; Petrou, Michael F.; Spastri, V.; Archontas, N.; Christofides, C. (2017)
      This article presents the results of an extensive experimental program containing 22 beams with tension lap splices in the central region. The beams were preconditioned under simulated corrosion up to specific levels of ...
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      Simplified method for rapid seismic assessment of older R.C. buildings 

      Pardalopoulos, S. I.; Pantazopoulou, Stavroula J.; Lekidis, V. A. (2018)
      After several years of progress in earthquake design procedures, existing reinforced concrete buildings that fall short of modern standards still represent the vast majority of the built environment. Poorly reinforced ...