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      Building a distributed digital library for natural disasters metadata with grid services and RDF 

      Xing, Wei; Dikaiakos, Marios D.; Yang, Hua; Sphyris, Angelos; Eftichidis, George (2005)
      Purpose - This paper aims to describe the main challenges of identifying and accessing useful information and knowledge about natural hazards and disasters results. The paper presents a grid-based digital library system ...
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      Comparison of collaborative and content-based automatic recommendation approaches in a digital library of Serbian PhD dissertations 

      Azzopardi, J.; Ivanovic, D.; Kapitsaki, Georgia M. (2017)
      Digital libraries have become an excellent information resource for researchers. However, users of digital libraries would be served better by having the relevant items ‘pushed’ to them. In this research, we present various ...
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      Exploring the use of mobile technology for delivering electronic support 

      Famakinwa, Oladeji; Barker, Philip; van Schaik, Paul; Onibokun, Joseph (University of Cyprus, 2007)
      Mobile technologies in one form or another are having a significant impact on the way teaching and learning are delivered within all levels of the curriculum. Bearing this in mind, we have recently started to explore ways ...
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      A grid-enabled digital library system for natural disaster metadata 

      Xing, Wei; Dikaiakos, Marios D.; Yang, Hua; Sphyris, Angelos; Eftichidis, George (2005)
      The need to organize and publish metadata about European research results in the field of natural disasters has been met with the help of two innovative technologies: the Open Grid Service Architecture (OGSA) and the ...
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      A virtual teaching and learning Environment 

      Vladoiu, M. (Pedagogical Faculty of University of Ostrava, 2001)
      We may say the knowledge is the new global asset – so people have to be continually learning, crafting innovative solutions to changing circumstances, staying informed and responsive. Computer Based Learning (CBL) provides ...