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      Computational assessment of distributed decomposition methods for stochastic linear programs 

      Vladimirou, Hercules (1998)
      Incorporating uncertainty in optimization models gives rise to large, structured mathematical programs. Decomposition procedures are well-suited for parallelization, thus providing a promising venue for solving large ...
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      The cost of concurrent, low-contention Read&Modify&Write 

      Busch, Costas; Mavronicolas, Marios; Spirakis, Paul G. (2005)
      The possibility or impossibility and the corresponding costs of devising concurrent, low-contention implementations of atomic Read&Modify&Write (or RMW) operations in a distributed system were addressed. A natural class ...
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      Fault-tolerant semifast implementations of atomic read/write registers 

      Georgiou, Chryssis; Nicolaou, Nicolas C.; Shvartsman, A. A. (2009)
      This paper investigates time-efficient implementations of atomic read-write registers in message-passing systems where the number of readers can be unbounded. In particular we study the case of a single writer, multiple ...
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      Impossibility results for weak threshold networks 

      Busch, Costas; Mavronicolas, Marios (1997)
      It is shown that a weak threshold network (in particular, threshold network) of width w and depth d cannot be constructed from balancers of width p0, p1, . . . , pm-1, if w does not divide Pd, where P is the least common ...
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      Mobile agents for World Wide Web distributed database access 

      Papastavrou, Stavros; Samaras, George S.; Pitoura, Evaggelia 1967- (2000)
      The popularity of the Web as a universal access mechanism for network information has created the need for developing web-based DBMS client/server applications. However, the current commercial applet-based approaches for ...
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      Mobile commerce: Vision and challenges (location and its management) 

      Samaras, George S. (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Inc., 2002)
      Mobile computing is distributed computing that involves elements whose location changes in the course of computation. Elements may be software components such as mobile agents or moving objects-data or hardware such as ...
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      Modelling and implementing asynchronous timed multimedia frameworks using coordination principles 

      Papadopoulos, George Angelos (2005)
      This paper combines work done in the areas of Artificial Intelligence, Multimedia Systems and Coordination Programming to derive a framework for Distributed Multimedia Systems based on asynchronous timed computations ...
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      Threshold counters with increments and decrements 

      Busch, Costas; Demetriou, Neophytos; Herlihy, M.; Mavronicolas, Marios (2002)
      A threshold counter is a shared data structure that assumes integer values. It provides two operations: Increment changes the current counter value from v to v+1, while Read returns the value [v/w], where v is the current ...