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      Meta-analysis of family-based and case-control genetic association studies that use the same cases 

      Bagos, Pantelis G.; Dimou, Niki L.; Liakopoulos, Theodore D.; Nikolopoulos, Georgios K. (2011)
      In many cases in genetic epidemiology, the investigators in an effort to control for different sources of confounding and simultaneously to increase the power perform a family-based and a population-based case-control study ...
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      Radiopharmaceuticals in neurological and psychiatric disorders 

      Valotassiou, Varvara; Wozniak, Greta; Sifakis, N.; Demakopoulos, Nikolaos; Georgoulias, Panagiotis (2008)
      The development of functional brain nuclear medicine techniques and their application in the investigation of neuropsychiatric disorders, have contributed significantly in the illumination of the underlying pathophysiological ...