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      Breakup of a capillary bridge of suspensions 

      Alexandrou, Andreas N.; Bazilevskii, A. V.; Entov, V. M.; Rozhkov, A. N.; Sharaf, A. (2010)
      The breakup of liquid bridges under the action of capillary forces is used for studying the rheology of suspensions under stretching. The experiments were performed with suspensions of finegrained (3-30 μm) sand in glycerin ...
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      Combined Variable Speed Limit and Lane Change Control for Highway Traffic 

      Zhang, Y.; Ioannou, Petros A. (2017)
      Variable speed limit (VSL) control of highway traffic is expected to improve traffic mobility, safety, and environment, especially during incidents. However, most existing VSL controllers show significant benefits in ...
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      Combined Variable Speed Limit and Lane Change Control for Truck-Dominant Highway Segment 

      Zhang, Y.; Ioannou, Petros A. (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Inc., 2015)
      Traffic demand of trucks is rapidly increasing on highway networks, which harms highway traffic mobility, safety and the environment. Variable speed limit (VSL) control is considered to be able to improve the traffic ...
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      Distributed weight balancing under integer constraints in the presence of packet drops 

      Rikos, A. I.; Hadjicostis, Christoforos N. (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Inc., 2018)
      A digraph with positive integer weights on its (directed) edges is weight-balanced if, for each node, the sum of the weights of the incoming edges equals the sum of the weights of the outgoing edges. We develop a distributed ...
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      The impact of network structure on the stability of greedy protocols 

      Koukopoulos, D.; Mavronicolas, Marios; Nikoletseas, Sotiris E.; Spirakis, Paul G. (2003)
      A packet-switching network is stable if the number of packets in the network remains bounded at all times. A very natural question that arises in the context of stability and instability properties of such networks is how ...
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      Robust Distributed Average Consensus via Exchange of Running Sums 

      Hadjicostis, Christoforos N.; Vaidya, N. H.; Domínguez-Garcia, A. D. (2016)
      We consider a multi-component system in which each component (node) can send/receive information to/from sets of neighboring nodes via communication links (edges) that form a fixed strongly connected, possibly directed, ...